Winter 8×8 Day 3

Still a winder wonderland here in the midwest! I’m so happy to be drinking all the coffee with the excuse “but baby it’s cold outside.” On Day three on the winter eight by eight, I was happy to put together a classic, neutral colored outfit that went perfect with a second cup of coffee.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out what’s going on here! For the next eight days (not including Fridays or weekends) I’m only wearing eight pieces of clothing.

This is Day Three, just keep reading:

What I Wore

Sweater (similar)


First Impressions

Not feeling as excited about the challenge. I hate to say it, but I’m starting to get bored of my clothes. I guess it’s not helpful that I’m dressing basic. On Monday I think I’m going to accessorize more to add to the outfit. The only person at fault for being basic is me! Ha!

I will say that I felt very classic in this outfit, and if I didn’t have the eight by eight challenge going on I think I would really have loved this outfit.

Styling Tips

If you want to amp up an outfit, do so! I guess this is more of a styling tip for myself, but I’m putting it out there. A lot of the time my outfit will influence my mood. If I’m wearing a lot of dark clothing and not a lot of style, I might not feel the best in it. Wear what makes you feel great!

Winter 8×8 Day 2

I can’t get over all of this snow! It’s suppose to be snowing everyday for the rest of the week, and because I can take the bus to campus, I’m all in for this weather! Although I’m not digging my car out of the snow, and I’m eating literally everything in my fridge to avoid going grocery shopping, I still was excited to put together Tuesday’s outfit.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out what’s going on here! For the next eight days (not including Fridays or weekends) I’m only wearing eight pieces of clothing.

This is Day Two, another cloudy and snowy day, I definitely bundled up.

What I Wore






First Impressions

Still feeling good about the challenge! I decided to accessorize with a scarf and a vest (could the vest be considered cheating? Perhaps). And I felt so warm under all the layers and my big puffy coat. After my long day, I got home and changed into my comfy joggers and t-shirt. I couldn’t have been happier. This way I also felt like I’m less likely to get sick of the clothes if I only wear them when I’m “going places.”

Styling Tips

Scarf = Instant outfit. Put a scarf with any long sleeved top and bam outfit created! My go to has always been a scarf, basic top, and something to throw over. I felt put together the entire day, and the splash of color helped boost my mood!

See you all tomorrow!

Winter 8×8 Challenge Day 1

In case you don’t know what the 10×10 challenge is, check out what’s going on here.  For the next eight days (not including Fridays or weekends) I’m only wearing eight pieces of clothing.

I’m going to be posting everyday and talking about my outfit, first impressions, and styling notes. Super similar to what Caroline Joy does which is where I got the 10×10 idea from. So let’s get into it!

What I Wore

Jeans: Under $30


Hoops : Under $4

Turtleneck (Similar) Also here

First Impressions

Let me start off by saying the next seven days won’t have this amazing picture quality! I had a wonderful winter walk with my AMAZING photographer friend Hannah Fisher. She makes me feel like a freaking model! So a huge thank you to her for making the challenge start off on a great foot!

I work in an office on Mondays and it was a huge snowstorm so I opted for my fuzziest snow boots and my turtleneck. I’m not a huge jewelry girl, maybe that will change once I start wearing these pieces everyday, so the only extra that I opted for was my Apple watch that I wear daily and delicate hoop earrings.

Styling Notes

Monocromatic is in. I felt like the outfit really worked because there were different shades of blue. This challenge is already forcing me to be creative.

Dress for the weather. really wanted to wear one of the lighter sweaters but with the weather being cold, windy, and snowy in the morning and warm and sunny in the afternoon, I knew I needed to wear something that would work with both. Dress for what the weather is, not what you want it to be. Don’t worry, whatever you’re pining for will come soon enough.


See you all tomorrow with Outfit number 2!

Winter 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Could it be? Oh yes it is! Another 10×10 seasonal challenge! I’ve now done a Summer and Fall challenge. After the fall experience I really felt annoyed with the clothes that I had and I didn’t walk away liking my time doing the challenge. I dreaded putting on the same clothes and I went to class not feeling confident. That being said, I had no reason to start a winter 10×10.

This season I’m setting some different ground rules. My weekend starts on Friday so technically that’s the “weekend” for me and therefore no 10×10 on the weekends. Also, it’s only for school/work. I spend so much time in the morning changing my outfit and trying to pick the right one that I’m often late. I’d like to not do that and I believe the 10×10 will help. But once class or work is over, I’m free to change into anything I feel like. I think that will help make me dread the clothes less. Because my week will only be 4 days, I decided to only do an eight day challenge with eight items. Therefore, it’s an 8×8 this season!

I originally got this 10×10 challenge idea from Caroline over at Un-fancy, so if you want to see how the pros do minimalism, check her out.

Today I’m going over:

  • How it works
  • My desired takeaway
  • My ten pieces

How it Works

Following in Caroline’s steps, each day, I’ll post my outfit of the day, share my first impressions, and then give some styling notes. I’ll also let you know how I felt in the outfit and if I changed the minute I was done for the day. For the challenge I get eight items of clothing (tops, pants, dresses, etc.) I still didn’t feel comfortable enough to include shoes but maybe that’s best saved for a Spring 10×10 (or 8×8). And as stated above, weekends are not included in the challenge and Friday is included in the weekend.

Accessories, pajamas, purses, backpacks, and gym clothes don’t count. The goal is to create a new outfit each day using only these items.

My Desired Takeaway

Every time I visit home I always bring back more clothes for my closet at school. Even though I’m extremely conscious of the fact that I have to move out and graduate in May. So what I want to get out of this is a realization of what clothes I love, and which I can do without.

I also want to pick three items to donate or sell on Poshmark. After picking my ten items I’m sure I’ll find articles of clothes that are just sitting in my closet untouched. They deserve a better home!

My Eight Items

Here’s what I came up with:

  • 1 top
  • 3 layering pieces
  • 2 sweaters
  • 2 jeans

Can’t wait to daily blog with you all on this 8×8 challenge! Let me know what you think!

I Worked Out for 30 Days and this is What Happened

Sounds ambitious I know, but I realized that it was actually a lot easier once I laid down some rules and motivation. Did I go to the gym every single day? Absolutely not! But, I did find that was my favorite type of workout! The other days? a mix of at home videos, runs outside and just plain skipping the gym. Here’s my experience after a challenge of 30 days of working out.

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February Goals & January Recap

I think this was one of my most productive January’s I’ve ever had. By having not only yearly goals, but monthly ones as well, I feel these accomplishments more tangible. Remember how I said I would go to the gym every day? Keep reading to see how I did in the month of January, and also to peak at what my goals are for the upcoming month.

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Outfit of the Week: Elephants and Hats

Last weekend I was desperately trying to avoid another Netflix binge watching session. This resulted in me watching Gossip Girl because after watching it two times through, I can only watch one or two episodes at a time.

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I Found my College Bucket List from Freshman Year

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Second Semester Necessities

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean I don’t feel the “first day of school” sensation that comes with every new semester schedule. With new classes, a new schedule, and a new routine to fall into, there are some items that are on my “to buy” list that I wanted to share with you all.

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