Summer Gym Essentials

Finally I got my butt into gear and made it a point to go to the gym, no excuses. I’m currently finding so much motivation with all of the classes my gym has to offer (it’s also given me a reason to go out and buy new gym clothes!) Today #ontheblog I’m sharing with you what I bring to the gym on a typical day. Everything is linked (not sponsored) below to make shopping for these must-haves easier.

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Sunshine Skirt




sunshine skirt3


*About the look* Shoes: Snanuks//Skirt: Stichfix//Tank: Nordstrom//Bralette: Francesca’s//Purse: Nordstrom

Summer is officially in full swing and I couldn’t be more into it! Lately I’ve been living in clothes that are comfy yet stylish. Today on the blog I am featuring this yellow skirt that I nicknamed The Sunshine Skirt. It’s actually called the Le Lis Yellow Skirt that I got it when I received my Stitchfix box. If you’ve never heard of Stitchfix it’s subscription box that you can schedule (monthly, bi monthly, yearly, whatever!) and get five items of clothing to hang onto for three days. If you like it, awesome, buy it! If not, then send it back at no extra cost to you. You can tell them to look at your pinterest outfit inspo and want kind of styles you’re into. If you’re curious about the world of subscription boxes here’s a link to stitchfix.

Anyways, I bought this skirt for the office when I was doing my internship last summer. It was a great staple to pair with a white button down or a navy floral dress shirt. My issue this summer was finding a use for it in a more casual setting. I paired it with a looser tank so that it would balance out the tighter waist band of the skirt. Putting on comfy sandals helped dress this sunny skirt down as well. I’m thrilled to say this is a skirt that can easily be dressed for the office or for a coffee run!

What I Learned from Traveling Solo

I always thought of myself as someone who was outgoing, determined, and brave. But, in my safety bubble of suburbia and college towns, it was apparent that I never put those descriptions to the test. When I traveled completely alone I was never more unsure of myself (although moving away to college comes in a close second). I’ve learned some amazing things, some ideas that I really can’t comprehend still. But below are some lessons that I got to take away from my first solo travel.  Continue reading “What I Learned from Traveling Solo”

May Favorites

How is it that I feel like it’s only been a few days since a ran out of my last final? Just like that, today is June 1st, another milestone in this short summer break. I’m trying to take advantage of this summer by striving to make sure no day is wasted away due to my lack of enthusiasm or annoyance that there’s nothing to do in the suburbs. While that idea hasn’t been 100% successful, I have been working on using products or doing things that make me happy. Since the month is over, I thought I would round up all of my favorites for the month of May! Continue reading “May Favorites”

5 Hair Products that Change the Game

When I was in elementary school I was jealous of all the girls will anything that could be defined as a curl. Now? I have a curly/wavy/stick-straight vibe going on that I have not been loving. There’s nothing I’d like more than perfect curls or stick straight hair but that’s just not happening! Lately I’ve switched up my hair routine and it’s allowed me to go heatless. That’s right: no hair dryer, no straightener, no curler needed to achieve my freshly washed look. That’s not to say that on day 2 or 3 (bare with me, I got obscenely long before I wash my thick locks) I won’t run my hair through a straightener. But, these five products have changed the way my hair feels, looks, and styles!  Continue reading “5 Hair Products that Change the Game”