Golden Hour

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Now maybe it’s the snow that descended upon Iowa State on April 3rd or maybe it’s the promise of another Florida vacation on the horizon, but I am so excited for warm weather!

Today I wanted to share this dress that I’ve been wearing from spring until fall! It looks beachy and flowy all on its own, but pair with a fall shall or over-sized scarf and you have yourself an autumn dress.

The amazingly talented Hannah Fisher Photography has done it again people! She captured these stunning photos that I’ve been drooling over since I got them. Seriously check her out, she’s amazing!

spring break-4132



spring break-4114

Peep those goosebumps ha ha! I was freezing!


spring break-4110


I wanted to share this look with you all now because it’s back in stock at!  It’s a little over $50 and the dress is made out of a light material so there’s no chance of getting too hot! On the other side, I never found that my undergarments were showing through. The neckline is a bit low for my taste though, but a simple safety pin maneuvering did the trick (thanks Allie for those skills!).


I’m just so excited for warmer weather and I see this dress accompanying me on many summer adventures! 


PS: How cute would this dress look in Italy! *Cries* Okay bye for real!

Travel Diary: Florida

This homebody once again convinced herself to leave the Midwest for spring break! Last week thirteen of us piled into cars and drove the grueling twenty-one hours to the gulf coast of Florida.

It was my first real vacation that wasn’t with my family which made for lots of firsts (and fun!) After I did a travel diary for Dublin and Burlington, I found myself going back and rereading the post to reminisce.  I’m sharing with you some of the highlights on our trip along with some great memories that no doubt will last a lifetime. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Florida”

Books for the Wanderer at Heart

I’ve mentioned before that one of my favorite sayings is “just a homebody who wants to travel the world.” The quote couldn’t describe me better! So, when I’m in a wanderlust-ing mood, I break out one of these classic books to satisfy the travel bug. Check out my go to books that are perfect for anyone who wants to live vicariously through travelers. Continue reading “Books for the Wanderer at Heart”

Travel Diary: St. Louis, Missouri

I love being able to stay that I traveled across the ocean and solo traveled. But, I think it's safe to say that I know myself well enough to say that I'm a homebody and I much rather travel closer to home (home the people, not the place). So, when my friends from college suggested we make a trip to St. Louis I knew I had to get in on it. Check out this post to read all about my St. Louis travel diary! Continue reading “Travel Diary: St. Louis, Missouri”

One Day in Burlington, Vermont: Three “Must Try’s”

My short time in Burlington consisted of early morning departures, late night arrivals, and rain in between. However, I have nothing but good things to say about my recent trip! Maybe that means that I’m quite easy to please. But during my short trip I found that no matter what the weather might be, with some research, there’s always something to be discovered in a new destination.

Today, I’m saving you the research and sharing with you my top three destinations to scope out if you choose to travel to Burlington during the summer. Continue reading “One Day in Burlington, Vermont: Three “Must Try’s””

Looking Cute, Rain or Shine

Before we get into today’s look that I wore during my trip this week to Vermont, I have one quick housekeeping item.

Be sure to check out my website disclaimer located under the “About” tab in the menu of the blog. I now am posting affiliate links which means that if you find a product through my blog I will be gaining a small (believe me, it’s super small 🙂 ) percentage. If you want more information feel free to read more here or contact me.

This weekend was spent in rainy Burlington, Vermont and I am so thankful I dressed accordingly! One travel tip that I still find hard to follow is, “pack for the weather that’s expected, not the weather you want.” This outfit was packed as a last-minute decision when I saw that the rain might really last all day. Prior to that, my suitcase was packed with a sundress and shorts…not suitable for 60 degrees and cloudy! Continue reading “Looking Cute, Rain or Shine”

4 Things You Have to do if You’re Traveling with Others

There’s something wonderful about sharing experiences with others. Traveling alone is great for the mind, but traveling with ones you love is good for the soul. Recently, my family and I went to Cancun for a vacation, and it was stunning! I absolutely love traveling with my family, but sometimes it can all get a little much. This vacation, I made sure to instill these four methods to avoid the inevitable bickering. Continue reading “4 Things You Have to do if You’re Traveling with Others”

What I Learned from Traveling Solo

I always thought of myself as someone who was outgoing, determined, and brave. But, in my safety bubble of suburbia and college towns, it was apparent that I never put those descriptions to the test. When I traveled completely alone I was never more unsure of myself (although moving away to college comes in a close second). I’ve learned some amazing things, some ideas that I really can’t comprehend still. But below are some lessons that I got to take away from my first solo travel.  Continue reading “What I Learned from Traveling Solo”

Four Days in Ireland with One Carry-On

I think I’m not alone when I say that I’m an over packer. Even when lay out all my outfits for each day I start to think “what if I don’t want to wear that?” or “what if it’s too cold to wear a dress.” This leads another sweater, another pair of pants, and always too many shoes. On my recent travel to Ireland, (which is where I’m currently staying at the moment!) I made it a mission to not over pack.  Continue reading “Four Days in Ireland with One Carry-On”