Monthly Favorites: December

It’s my last week of winter break (Or my last week of my last winter break ever if we want to get technical).  And I’m sitting in my bright clean room typing away thinking about how I’m going to miss my lovely room. I’m finally at a point where my room at home has become like an oasis, designed perfectly how I want it. There’s no rush to go back to my college apartment!

Today I wanted to go though what I loved in December 2017. It was the month of finals so peppermint coffee and Quizlet flashcards definitely makes the list. But go ahead an take a look at what else I was obsessed with in December that isn’t finals related!

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October Favorites

I feel like every month when I do these kinds of posts I’m blow away by the fact that another month has gone by. This year, I’m extra amazed at the speed of time because in a short seven months I’ll be graduating. So the closing of each month is just another reminder that things are about to change.

Lately the weather has been telling everyone that winter is here. With snow flurries and freezing temperatures, I feel like I didn’t get enough fall time in! But nonetheless, here all all my October favorites for some last minute fall essentials! Continue reading “October Favorites”

September Favorites

Hello everyone! I am going to warn you all that the September Favorites and the October Favorites post will be riddled with accessories to make it look like fall threw up all over the blog. (sorry not sorry!) I have been counting down the days to fall since the 90 degree days would not persist. So without further ado, here’s my favorites for the month of September. Continue reading “September Favorites”

Monthly Favorites: August

August was a blur of countdowns until school starts, rushing to pack for school, and settling back into the swing of things. How can it be that another summer is officially over? No more racing to catch the ice cream truck on the beach until next summer I suppose.

But, as with every month, I look forward to the season ahead and I’ve collected some favorites along the way. Continue reading “Monthly Favorites: August”

Monthly Favorites: July

August is finally here, which means I can finally confess that I’ve been accumulating school supplies since early July. It’s just that I love being a student and this is my last year to soak it all in. Lucky for you all, I get to share with you all the school related (and some other fun purchases) that I’ve been loving all July and can’t wait to utilize this month! Continue reading “Monthly Favorites: July”

June Favorites

Happy Post-Fourth of July! Hopefully everyone has returned back with all their fingers not blown off. I personally have eaten enough barbeque food to last me until Labor Day. I’m currently sitting in my freshly cleaned room with my window wide open as the morning breeze is flowing through the room. It’s tranquil mornings like these that make me grateful for my summer back home. Being here for almost half the summer now has opened the doors to some habits that I’ve been falling into. This month was one that was spent traveling to Cancun, catching up on my new summer reads, and spending time in the gym. For this post, I’m going to share with you what I’ve been obsessed with for the month of June. Continue reading “June Favorites”

May Favorites

How is it that I feel like it’s only been a few days since a ran out of my last final? Just like that, today is June 1st, another milestone in this short summer break. I’m trying to take advantage of this summer by striving to make sure no day is wasted away due to my lack of enthusiasm or annoyance that there’s nothing to do in the suburbs. While that idea hasn’t been 100% successful, I have been working on using products or doing things that make me happy. Since the month is over, I thought I would round up all of my favorites for the month of May! Continue reading “May Favorites”