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Now maybe it’s the snow that descended upon Iowa State on April 3rd or maybe it’s the promise of another Florida vacation on the horizon, but I am so excited for warm weather!

Today I wanted to share this dress that I’ve been wearing from spring until fall! It looks beachy and flowy all on its own, but pair with a fall shall or over-sized scarf and you have yourself an autumn dress.

The amazingly talented Hannah Fisher Photography has done it again people! She captured these stunning photos that I’ve been drooling over since I got them. Seriously check her out, she’s amazing!

spring break-4132



spring break-4114

Peep those goosebumps ha ha! I was freezing!


spring break-4110


I wanted to share this look with you all now because it’s back in stock at!  It’s a little over $50 and the dress is made out of a light material so there’s no chance of getting too hot! On the other side, I never found that my undergarments were showing through. The neckline is a bit low for my taste though, but a simple safety pin maneuvering did the trick (thanks Allie for those skills!).


I’m just so excited for warmer weather and I see this dress accompanying me on many summer adventures! 


PS: How cute would this dress look in Italy! *Cries* Okay bye for real!

Outfit of the Week: Lace Dress

Hello everyone! Long time no talk! I apologize for being absent for about a week, but it was a much needed hiatus. I just finished up my fall semester of my senior year and I felt a desperate need to reset. So instead of dishing out sub-par content, I decided to take a step back.

I also felt a compete lack of inspiration which added to my absence. Again I didn’t want to post anything that I didn’t stand behind. So some blog post ideas that were suggested and my break, I’m happy to say that I’m re-inspired and re-energized! Without further ado I wanted to show you all what I wore for Christmas Eve.

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Outfit of the Week Featuring the Herringbone Vest

Last week I pulled out one of my favorite fall outfits for a final excursion out to the Des Monies farmers market. This herringbone vest was first featured in one of my daily outfits for my Fall 10×10 Challenge. It turned out that my entire outfit is from J Crew… I didn’t even do that on purpose! Except for the shoes, and those are under thirty dollars! Continue reading “Outfit of the Week Featuring the Herringbone Vest”

Wear Your Summer Dress in The Fall

Is anyone else suffering from major confusion on the weather? I feel like September is completely confusing! Mornings can be chilly, but three hours later I’m sweating in my long sleeved shirt. Or one day might be perfect to light up a fall candle and wear a chunky knit sweater, and the next I’ll be playing beach volleyball with friends!

This time of year I always struggle between savoring the last days of summer, while trying not to get into the fall spirit prematurely. Today I wanted to share with you my outfit of the week. I wore this maxi dress to a party and I was so excited, but then it became too chilly to wear. Instead of starting over I changed up the outfit so I could still wear my maxi dress, but now it was styled for fall! Go take a look!

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Outfit of the Week Under $30

School has started and I couldn’t be happier, I mean when classes are only twice a week who wouldn’t be. For my Fridays I want to check out some local coffee shops and so my friend and I checked out this cafe that revolves around vinyl records — super cool and great lattes.

While we were out, Hannah was nice enough to take some picks of my latest obsession. This dress is the best. Her pictures also all came out amazing (check her out!) it was hard to pick out just a few!

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J Crew Fall Lookbook

I’m one of those people that as soon as school starts, I’m jumping head first into everything Fall. Last year, I even paraded around with a shirt that said “You Had Me at Pumpkin Spice.” At the risk of sounding like every other girl who blogs or is in college: I love Fall. 

So to celebrate the Fall season I rounded up my favorite J.Crew pieces from their newest line and put together my thoughts on what I’ll be wearing while sipping my PSL by the fire. There are links* to shop for your convenience!

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My Perfect Summer Dress

As the season of BBQ’s and grad parties comes to the tail end I wanted to share my current favorite outfit. I’ve been wearing this cute dress everywhere from parties, to happy hour, to the grocery store.

I’ve been eyeing a dress like this since something similar came up on my Pinterest feed. For the rest of the month I’ve been obsessed with striped dresses. Something about it says “walking down cobblestone streets in a foreign country on a hot day with ice cream.” No? Just me?

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Looking Cute, Rain or Shine

Before we get into today’s look that I wore during my trip this week to Vermont, I have one quick housekeeping item.

Be sure to check out my website disclaimer located under the “About” tab in the menu of the blog. I now am posting affiliate links which means that if you find a product through my blog I will be gaining a small (believe me, it’s super small 🙂 ) percentage. If you want more information feel free to read more here or contact me.

This weekend was spent in rainy Burlington, Vermont and I am so thankful I dressed accordingly! One travel tip that I still find hard to follow is, “pack for the weather that’s expected, not the weather you want.” This outfit was packed as a last-minute decision when I saw that the rain might really last all day. Prior to that, my suitcase was packed with a sundress and shorts…not suitable for 60 degrees and cloudy! Continue reading “Looking Cute, Rain or Shine”

Outfit of the Week

Happy Thursday friends! I am so grateful for a patch of sun this morning. Almost all week we’ve either had clouds or big storms, a perfect excuse to watch Under the Tuscan Sun guilt free. I enjoyed having a valid excuse to be the homebody I am without feeling the need to leave the house! Now that the good weather is back I wanted to share my outfit of the week. Or in other words, the outfit that I wanted to wear three days in a row but instead got the shorts dirty and had to throw them in the wash (classic Samantha). Continue reading “Outfit of the Week”