J Crew Fall Lookbook

I’m one of those people that as soon as school starts, I’m jumping head first into everything Fall. Last year, I even paraded around with a shirt that said “You Had Me at Pumpkin Spice.” At the risk of sounding like every other girl who blogs or is in college: I love Fall. 

So to celebrate the Fall season I rounded up my favorite J.Crew pieces from their newest line and put together my thoughts on what I’ll be wearing while sipping my PSL by the fire. There are links* to shop for your convenience!

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My Perfect Summer Dress

As the season of BBQ’s and grad parties comes to the tail end I wanted to share my current favorite outfit. I’ve been wearing this cute dress everywhere from parties, to happy hour, to the grocery store.

I’ve been eyeing a dress like this since something similar came up on my Pinterest feed. For the rest of the month I’ve been obsessed with striped dresses. Something about it says “walking down cobblestone streets in a foreign country on a hot day with ice cream.” No? Just me?

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Looking Cute, Rain or Shine

Before we get into today’s look that I wore during my trip this week to Vermont, I have one quick housekeeping item.

Be sure to check out my website disclaimer located under the “About” tab in the menu of the blog. I now am posting affiliate links which means that if you find a product through my blog I will be gaining a small (believe me, it’s super small 🙂 ) percentage. If you want more information feel free to read more here or contact me.

This weekend was spent in rainy Burlington, Vermont and I am so thankful I dressed accordingly! One travel tip that I still find hard to follow is, “pack for the weather that’s expected, not the weather you want.” This outfit was packed as a last-minute decision when I saw that the rain might really last all day. Prior to that, my suitcase was packed with a sundress and shorts…not suitable for 60 degrees and cloudy! Continue reading “Looking Cute, Rain or Shine”

10×10 Challenge

What is the 10×10 Challenge?

Ten items of clothes, ten days. This doesn’t include accessories or shoes. Seems easy? It’s not! I got the idea from Caroline Joy who lives by the mentality of smaller closets, intentional purchases, and less shopping. She totally inspired me to do the challenge! The rules say that any gym clothes, accessories (and as a 1st time 10×10-er I decided shoes were allowed as well), bags and PJs don’t count as a part of your ten items. Continue reading “10×10 Challenge”

The Cheat Sheet for a Summer Look

Currently I’m writing this sitting on my porch in the morning drinking an iced coffee. This morning is pleasant my friends! There’s something so wonderful about starting the day off with a quiet morning.

Speaking of good weather, it has been on my side lately (being nice and hot), but the last thing I’ve been wanting to do is spend a half hour loading on makeup that will just sweat off by noon!

My bestie Hannah asked me on Instagram (@Barrychicblog) what my makeup routine was and I have been dying to share ever since! So I wanted to share with you all how I get this look, which light enough for this summer heat! Continue reading “The Cheat Sheet for a Summer Look”

Outfit of the Week

Happy Thursday friends! I am so grateful for a patch of sun this morning. Almost all week we’ve either had clouds or big storms, a perfect excuse to watch Under the Tuscan Sun guilt free. I enjoyed having a valid excuse to be the homebody I am without feeling the need to leave the house! Now that the good weather is back I wanted to share my outfit of the week. Or in other words, the outfit that I wanted to wear three days in a row but instead got the shorts dirty and had to throw them in the wash (classic Samantha). Continue reading “Outfit of the Week”

Your Fourth of July Style Guide

It’s a celebration that includes family, friends, food, and fireworks. The Fourth of July is a perfect excuse to pull out your red shorts, paint your nails white, and jump in a clear blue pool. When you’re not chilling out by some water, you’ll probably want to dress accordingly to celebrate. Today on the blog I’m sharing with you three ways to dress up for the holiday.


Red Bottoms

Red and white

whether you’re feeling a sundress or you rather be running around in shorts, I’ve got you covered. Red bottoms and a white top is perfect when you don’t feel like decking out in red, white, and blue flags. If you choose to wear a flowy skirt, pair it with a tighter top. Wearing a loose top? Vice Versa.



Stripes are wearable year round, so when in a pickle to figure out what to wear, why not go back to basics? With the summer sun, your favorite striped shirt can be the perfect match. Who says that you’re required to wear all the colors of the American flag at once?

Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirts
Sometimes the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate with our outdoor plans. If that’s your case, pull out that maxi skirt (or maxi dress) to keep your legs warm and don’t be afraid to pair it with your leather jacket.
Enjoy the holiday, and have a safe & happy Fourth of July!

Summer Gym Essentials

Finally I got my butt into gear and made it a point to go to the gym, no excuses. I’m currently finding so much motivation with all of the classes my gym has to offer (it’s also given me a reason to go out and buy new gym clothes!) Today #ontheblog I’m sharing with you what I bring to the gym on a typical day. Everything is linked (not sponsored) below to make shopping for these must-haves easier.

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