Fall Fashion that Won’t Break the Bank

Depending on where you live, there are still some warm days left. If you’re home is anything like mine, some mornings are freezing and then the afternoons are sunny and steamy.

If that’s the case, sometimes finding the perfect outfit can be difficult. Fall fashion is all about layers, but if it’s just too warm that might not be possible. Check out the outfits I put together for those exact days. I linked everything below, and bonus, everything is under $50. Continue reading “Fall Fashion that Won’t Break the Bank”

Fall 10×10 Outfit 2

It’s day two of Fall 10×10 and if you don’t know what I’m doing, check out what’s going on here.  For the next 10 days (not including weekends) I’m only wearing 10 pieces of clothing.

This is Day Two, another cloudy and slightly rainy warm day. So not Fall. Despite this, I managed to pull out this outfit… yet again!  Continue reading “Fall 10×10 Outfit 2”

Fall 10×10: Outfit 1

In case you don’t know what the 10×10 challenge is, check out what’s going on here.  For the next 10 days (not including weekends) I’m only wearing 10 pieces of clothing.

Instead of posting a review at the end of the challenge like I did last season, I’m going to be posting everyday and talking about my outfit, first impressions, and styling notes. Super similar to what Caroline Joy does which is where I got the 10×10 idea from. So let’s get into it!

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Fall 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Over the summer, I completed the Summer 10×10 challenge (read all about my experience here). After the challenge was over, I was so excited to just wear my gym clothes after my fitness class instead of feeling the pressure to put something from my wardrobe on.

Now that we’ve transitioned into colder weather I’m more exited that ever to try and complete the challenge again! I even snagged a clothing rack to place in my room so that I have no need to peek in my closet.  I originally got this 10×10 challenge idea from Caroline over at Un-fancy, so if you want to see how the pros do minimalism, check her out.

Today I’m going over:

  • How it works
  • My desired takeaway
  • My ten pieces

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