Healthy Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

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I’m not the best baker and I believe some of that has to do with my lack of patience and inability to look at details for a long time. I often end up messing up the measurements or I become disinterested in the entire process. But, I come to you with the ultimate banana chocolate chip recipe that I found on Pinterest although I adapted the recipe a bit. It can be made in 30 minutes start to finish which is perfect for those who are on the run or just don’t feel like spending all afternoon in the kitchen (and I feel you!).

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Switching to Natural Cleansers

I live in a bit of an oxymoron. On the one side, I want to have flawless health that will cause me to have white teeth, clear skin, shiny hair, etc. etc. And on the other side…I want to spend zero money investing whatsoever! See my problem?

Recently I went over to my good friend Casey’s house and she introduced me to the world of Beauty Counter that she’s recently been working in. Beauty Counter in a nutshell is a company that provides safer products for people while informing them about the lack of beauty standards across the beauty industry. After an hour of listening to how necessary it’s believed to treat yourself with kind ingredients, I went home with some free samples to test out the theory for myself. Here’s a blog post dedicated to my experience in case you are thinking about making the switch. Continue reading “Switching to Natural Cleansers”

3 Healthy Summer Breakfast Ideas

This week we had our first 90 degree day, and can you guess what my first thought was? Something along the lines of “crap soon enough the pools are going to open… I should be eating way healthier than I am.” Part of my 2017 resolutions included being more aware of what I ate and trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t kid myself in making it a point to run five miles every day or making myself eat only whole foods. I started a lot smaller than that, think meal by meal improvements. Below are three healthy breakfast meals that I reach for daily to jump start my day and to push me in the right direction. Continue reading “3 Healthy Summer Breakfast Ideas”