20 Minute Donuts

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How often have you found, day of, that there is absolutely nothing to make? During Superbowl Sunday I found the best way to spice up a normal recipe. Believe it or not, they’re actually easier to make than normal brownies! I find that putting a different spin on this dessert makes it look like you put a lot more effort in than you actually did. Just keep reading to see how they’re made!

And if you end up making these brownie donuts let me know, or pin any of the pictures on pinterest to add to your favorite asthetic.

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Staying Cozy with Simple Loose Leaf

One of my favorite activities to do during the winter months is to go on Pinterest and look up aesthetically pleasing winter pictures. Something about seeing others wrapped in blankets with their movies and fireplaces really puts me in a relaxing mood. Weird I know.

And if you know me personally, you’d know that I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m all over the aesthetic of things or the “feel” of a set up. But, when it comes to the evening and I’m looking to curl up with another Vlogmas on YouTube, my drink of choice definitely can not be coffee. Lately I’ve been drawn towards drinking loose leaf tea and today I’m sharing some of my own aesthetically pleasing pictures to definitely give you those cozy vibes.

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Switching to Natural Cleansers

I live in a bit of an oxymoron. On the one side, I want to have flawless health that will cause me to have white teeth, clear skin, shiny hair, etc. etc. And on the other side…I want to spend zero money investing whatsoever! See my problem?

Recently I went over to my good friend Casey’s house and she introduced me to the world of Beauty Counter that she’s recently been working in. Beauty Counter in a nutshell is a company that provides safer products for people while informing them about the lack of beauty standards across the beauty industry. After an hour of listening to how necessary it’s believed to treat yourself with kind ingredients, I went home with some free samples to test out the theory for myself. Here’s a blog post dedicated to my experience in case you are thinking about making the switch. Continue reading “Switching to Natural Cleansers”

The Coffee Cake you Need to Make for Thanksgiving

What’s better paired with a hot cup of coffee than a sweet piece of cinnamon cake?

I debated for a long time whether I should make this post because I love this cake so much I wanted to keep it all to myself! But, in the spirit of giving, I wanted to share with you all my signature cake recipe that was handed down to me by my mom.

This is a moist, sweet cake layered with a cinnamon crumble. If you’re looking for a dessert that you can pass off as breakfast, just keep reading! Continue reading “The Coffee Cake you Need to Make for Thanksgiving”

One Day in Burlington, Vermont: Three “Must Try’s”

My short time in Burlington consisted of early morning departures, late night arrivals, and rain in between. However, I have nothing but good things to say about my recent trip! Maybe that means that I’m quite easy to please. But during my short trip I found that no matter what the weather might be, with some research, there’s always something to be discovered in a new destination.

Today, I’m saving you the research and sharing with you my top three destinations to scope out if you choose to travel to Burlington during the summer. Continue reading “One Day in Burlington, Vermont: Three “Must Try’s””

May Favorites

How is it that I feel like it’s only been a few days since a ran out of my last final? Just like that, today is June 1st, another milestone in this short summer break. I’m trying to take advantage of this summer by striving to make sure no day is wasted away due to my lack of enthusiasm or annoyance that there’s nothing to do in the suburbs. While that idea hasn’t been 100% successful, I have been working on using products or doing things that make me happy. Since the month is over, I thought I would round up all of my favorites for the month of May! Continue reading “May Favorites”

3 Healthy Summer Breakfast Ideas

This week we had our first 90 degree day, and can you guess what my first thought was? Something along the lines of “crap soon enough the pools are going to open… I should be eating way healthier than I am.” Part of my 2017 resolutions included being more aware of what I ate and trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t kid myself in making it a point to run five miles every day or making myself eat only whole foods. I started a lot smaller than that, think meal by meal improvements. Below are three healthy breakfast meals that I reach for daily to jump start my day and to push me in the right direction. Continue reading “3 Healthy Summer Breakfast Ideas”