Getting from Work to Happy Hour

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One of the great things about being an adult, is that drinks on a Wednesday after work are totally justified. Although I will be the first to admit that sometimes I am late running out the door purely due to the fact that spent too long trying to find an outfit that would work for both the office and for drinks on the patio.

Whether you’re sneaking in some girl time on a Monday evening or celebrating the end of the week with coworkers, here is the go to outfit that will carry you morning into the night.

I was lucky enough to be sent these amazing slides from Seven Dials Shoes and I instantly knew I had to talk about them! I have been looking for the perfect shoe that would work during the summer and well into the fall and these are the ones!

The Go-to Outfit

Black bottoms, neutral top, classy slide on shoes.

My “uniform” when it comes to finding an outfit that will work both for those office meetings and for the after hours catch up sessions revolves around neutral colors. Black jeans (or slim fitting pants if jeans aren’t allowed) are a perfect bottom. Offices tend to be chilly and in the evening it’s usually not hot enough to be uncomfortable in pants.

The shirt I like to go for is anything flowy and breezy. The neutral color of the top balances out the fun cut and shape of the shirt which I find perfect! Usually browsing through TJ Maxx I can find a handful of these shirts that I like.

I also am a big fan of adding accessories to amp up any after hours outfit. Throwing a statement hat in the car or making sure there’s a bright lipstick in your purse will tie the whole look all together.

And finally on to the perfect shoes. Of course no office is going to let you run around in flip flops and sandals (and if yours does I’m extremely jealous!). But in the summer I can’t stand to wear heels every day. That’s where the perfect slides come in.

The shoes I got from Seven Dials are the perfect dupe for the Madewell Slides that come in around $100. And as a young professional I do not have a hundred dollars to spend on shoes… unfortunately. But for more than 1/2 the price Seven Dials pulls through with these perfect shoes!  In fact, the extra detailing makes me love these shoes more than their more expensive counterpart! They are the perfect addition to the go-to outfit.

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