Wellness Wednesday: Double Cleansing

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Double cleansing is a phrase that has been going around the blogging-sphere lately and I for one was very intrigued. Over the past month I’ve been trying my hand at double cleansing and I’m here to tell you all about it.

What is Double Cleansing

According to and article on The Everygirl, double cleansing means to wash your face with an oil based cleanser and then again with at water based cleanser. The oil based cleanser will remove make up, while the water based cleanser will actually clean your face. Using both will result in a deeper cleanse and remove more dirt out of any pores.

What When Down

For a month I used an oil based cleanser and then immediately followed with a water based cleanser. As the skincare addition amplified, I started adding a toner and some serums (to be discussed in a later post!).

At first I went between bouts of loving the process and dreading the extra five minutes of my skin care routine. At the beginning I thought my skin didn’t like it either. I do have combination skin and I feared that the extra oil would harm my already oily T-zone. But what I found out is that often, skin is overcompensating with oil because it is lacking in oil. So by adding my oil based cleanser as a makeup remover and as my first step, I eliminated a lot of oiliness in my problem areas.

I originally used makeup removing wipes as my first step and although they worked great for removing makeup, I really felt that I benefited more from having the extra oil on my skin.

Step one: I remove all my makeup, including mascara, with my Burt’s Bee’s oil based cleanser from Target. I apply a pump of the cleanser into dry hands and onto a dry face. Massaging gently to remove all makeup until I look like a hot mess with it all smeared on my face!

step two: I currently am using a basic water cleanser (first ingredient is water) to get into those pores and leave my skin super soft.

Are you double cleansing or do you prefer makeup wipes?

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