Meet Eloise

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If you follow me on Instagram ( then you may have seen a pretty kitty floating around on my stories. That is Eloise, and she has completely stolen my heart. This is her story.

Meeting at the shelter

knew going there was a bad idea. I would get attached to an animal and just have to bring it home. But I went anyway because I thought my will power was strong enough. I was taken to visit three kitties. Two were bonded and needed to be adopted together, they were shy and weren’t really interested in me. The other loved to be near me, shed like crazy, and occasionally hissed at the other two cats. I felt so proud of myself that I felt no attachment to any of them. I decided I could walk out of there with my fill of kitty cuddles, and leave empty handed. An employee came out and asked if I wanted to see one more cat. She was in isolation because she had developed a cold and they didn’t want to infect the others.

This was Eloise.

And she was perfect. The ultimate cuddler: she kept jumping up on my lap so I could pet her. She was so enamored with me (to the point of drooling) that I fell for her hard. 

If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.

I was going to Florida for Spring Break (read about it here!) the next week, and I couldn’t take home a new friend right before I left. I talked with the workers at the shelter and we decided if she’s there when I get back from vacation, then it’s meant to be.

Every day I checked the website to make sure no one adopted Eloise. It was becoming obsessive, and at that point I knew she just had to be mine.

Fostering vs. Adopting

Eloise was a stray that was brought in around Christmas time and when she was checked out by the vet she was a bit dirty and needed some worm meds, but other than that she was healthy. Around January she developed a cold that she just couldn’t shake. For this reason, the shelter pushed for fostering her first so that they could take her to the vet and cover the cost. The plan was to adopt her once she’s 100% healthy.

Fluid build up or Cancer?

Less than a week of having Eloise home, I had to tearfully send her back so that she could get some tests done at the vet. Her cold wasn’t responding to medicine and there was talk of polyps being in her nose. Two days of separation, a rinospopy, CT, and a biopsy later she was back home and in my arms.

There was definitely something in her nose and I had to wait (what seemed like) forever and a day to hear from the vet if it was just fluid build up, a benign mass, or cancer.

It was…. inconclusive. The biopsy came back negative but there was bone deterioration in her nose which is commonly found when a cat has cancer. This meant the shelter opted for another biopsy more central to the bone deterioration.

They had the second biopsy scheduled for the following week. Two days later I got a call saying that it had to be cancelled. Then I had to wait another two weeks to get the next biopsy done, and then an additional week to hear back about the results. It was really testing my patience.

Time crunch.

I was graduating on May 5th, and it was May 4th and I still hadn’t heard anything about her results. I was moving out on May 6th and I needed to know if this kitty had cancer. Looking back, I knew that I was going to adopt her whether she had cancer or not. It was just a matter of thinking about what I was in for and what I could afford. But still, it was getting down to the wire and I needed to know if I could take her home!

I remember being at a friends house celebrating the day before graduation and calling the shelter begging them to get information from the vet. They said they would call me back on graduation day… as if I needed more emotions attached to the day!

Welcome home Eloise!

Hours later, they called me late that night to tell me that she was cancer free! It was just a really bad infection that caused the bone deterioration and she would be on some medication. But, she was free to be officially mine if I wanted to. And of course, she came home with me a couple days later!

Eloise has been the cuddliest cat I have ever met and my family jokes that they don’t know who needs more attention, Samantha or Eloise. She’s truly become my girl and I am so grateful and my heart is so full when I think about how she’s all mine.

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