Wellness Wednesday: Check-in One

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the second Wellness Wednesday! This week I wanted to review how I did this week in terms of workouts and overall “feeling.”

The Weekly Breakdown


Wednesday3 mile run

I started my first day of project comeback with an early run. I always feel better when my workouts are done and over with early in the morning. The later the workout, the more excuses I give.

  • Low: ate like pure crap. All the carbs and a few chicken tenders as well. It’s a strong reminder that although you say “go” it doesn’t mean everything will start differently the next day. I’m going to have to work on my self control… and getting some healthy snacks in the house!


Thursday: 2 mile walk

I was off to the airport this day, so I really didn’t have too much time to get outside. But, with my morning coffee in hand, I was able to get my butt moving.

  • High: Felt accomplished doing something rather than nothing


Friday: Weight workout, Stairmaster/StepMill, 2 mile run

Today I felt awesome! So strong for my first time back in the gym. Started with 20 minutes on the Stairmaster and finished off with a half hour of weight lifting focusing on my upper body. And in the evening I went for a nice jog with my boyfriend which was the perfect way to end the day!

  • High: felt strong!


Saturday: Weight workout, Stairmaster/StepMill

Loved my workout yesterday so I decided to do it all again today. Repetition until boredom am I right? 🙂 I also spent a great deal outside walking around the local farmer’s market which was such a nice way to spend the morning!

  • High: ate some gluten free pizza that tasted exactly like normal pizza.


Sunday: Weight workout, Stairmaster/StepMill

Okay now I’m getting bored! I’ll have to remember next week to switch it up constantly so I don’t feel this dreaded cloud hanging over my head when I’m at the gym.

  • High: Went to the gym even though I didn’t want to.
  • Low: Had a short workout due to lack of motivation


Monday: Rest Day

The day just slipped away from me today without any exercise! With unpacking, grocery shopping, and running errands, one minute it was 10 AM and the next it was 6 PM!

Low: did not do one ounce of exercise, not even one downward dog

Tuesday: 2 mile walk

Crappy weather makes it hard for me to want to be outside. I feel like I really struggled to do anything other than nap!

Low: Cold weather made a run into a short walk.

Overall Review of the Week

Could have been better, could have been worse. I think I need clearer goals to keep in mind for next week especially because I am going on vacation. The hardest part for me was finding a decent workout when I didn’t have access to a gym. If you have any favorite workouts that don’t require a gym let me know!

Weekly goals

Here are the goals I am going to try and uphold until the next check in (which will be in a few weeks)

  • avoid gluten
  • move towards a more paleo based eating style
  • workout 6 times a week (meaning I hit my move/exercise goal on my apple watch)
  • No snacking after 8 PM


Let me know what your fitness goals are for the upcoming weeks!


One thought on “Wellness Wednesday: Check-in One

  1. Girl, it sounds like you did awesome even if you didn’t hit all your goals last week! You got this! Upcoming fitness goals for me are to start training for a competitive 5k and consistently workout 4-5 days a week.


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