Wellness Wednesday: Starting a Project Comeback

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Hello everyone!

It has been a crazy few weeks with graduation and moving back home (for a few months), but I’m finally settled in and ready to dive back into my little corner of the internet.

Today I wanted to let you all in on a journey that I started on. After spring break I reached my goal of looking fit and feeling healthy, and with no eminent goal on the horizon and having my school load kicked up a notch I fell off the wagon. Workouts happen once or twice a week and they’re never as satisfying as they used to be. Being at home also means junk food is easily accessible. I decided enough was enough and I chose to embark on my project comeback (a Sarah’s Day reference for those who watch her on YouTube).

The Ultimate Goal

I really have no desire to be as thin as a stick. What I want to do is be able to run fast, lift heavy, and feel strong. I want to crave the healthy food more than the sugar while still indulging in some pizza with friends because that’s life. I also want to empower anyone who isn’t feeling like their best self… I want to do this with her.

I want to gain:

  • Balance. I love coffee, I’m going to drink coffee… and you should too if that’s your thing! Red wine at the end of a long day? Do it? This is about getting back to a lifestyle not a diet.
  • Presence. It’s just as much body as it is mind and some weeks topics will include working on mental health instead of physical.

Each week I will be posting a Wellness Wednesday on the blog. Some weeks it will be an update on how I’m doing, other weeks will be a topic related to wellness. I find that even if no one reads my posts, I’m more accountable if I post about it. Hell, I even worked out every day for a month just for the blog!  For the check-in posts I will let you in on my personal progress – the workouts I tried recently, the highs and the lows.

So stay tuned next Wednesday for Wellness Wednesday. And if you want to come along for project comeback let me know! Let’s do this together!


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