Goodbye Iowa State

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Wow. I really really really can’t believe that I’m graduating on Saturday. I feel like it was earlier this fall that I was chatting with hall-mates in the dorms, showering with flip flops on, and navigating through campus all by myself.

Being in Business Council meant that I often gave tours of the business building to potential students and parents. Whenever I asked if anyone had any questions, parents would ask why I chose Iowa State.

I came from a huge high school and I loved having my little family that I developed through the swim team. Going off to college I didn’t think I would get that feeling again. But, when I went to Iowa State I loved how I  was able to get that small college feel” I got four advisers and was able to sit in smaller classrooms as well as lectures. It was the perfect balance and that’s what I loved to tell parents.

I was also dead wrong when I thought I wouldn’t get that “family” feeling after high school. ISU has become my home where I grew into the woman I am today, I found my lifelong friends, and I learned so much about the world that sometimes my brain hurt.

barry grad-8202-2.jpg

Speaking of friends, I of course I want to give the most enormous shout out to Hannah Fisher Photography. She has such a true gift and really encapsulated what I wanted my senior pictures to look like!

barry grad-8237.jpg

To anyone in college, I urge you to take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to you. Life, especially in college, goes so fast that you won’t realize that another chapter is closing. Go to your dorm events, choose a friend gathering over going to bed on time, be present in class. I can’t tell you what I would give to do college again and I haven’t even left yet!

barry grad-8295.jpgbarry grad-8215.jpg

Here I wanted to thank the sponsors that helped me: coffee, Quizlet, State Gym, and the good old glass of wine.

But on a serious note, I want to thank my parents for providing me with enough to get to college and always being my sounding boards when I need to think something through. Thank you to my professors for driving me crazy and to my friends for keeping me sane.

barry grad-8305.jpg

I bleed cardinal and shine gold thanks to you Iowa State.

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