19 lessons you learn when you have a brother

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Today is my little brother’s birthday and I wanted to write a quick something to commemorate his 19 years making my life a whole lot of fun!

I’m extremely lucky to have the relationship that I do with my younger brother. Although we didn’t grow up without the bickering and the occasional wrestling match, we grew up to become close. Being in the same sports in high school really pushed us to have the same interests and even some of the same friends. Dinner conversations revolved around game plays and we took turns complaining about 5:30 AM practice.

If you read about what I wrote for my Dad’s birthday you’ll see that I’m doing something quiet similar. Here’s what I learned from having a younger brother. Happy Birthday Kenneth!

Nineteen things I learned from having a younger brother:

  1. That a good and honest relationship between siblings takes work when you don’t live under the same roof. But the work is always worth it
  2. I have to get used to being asked if he is older because he towers over me and doesn’t shave
  3. That as hard as I try to protect him from the bad in the world, he will experience it. But,
  4. He is stronger than I give him credit for, and he can handle what is thrown his way.
  5. That when I give advice to them, it comes from a place of experience which tends to hold more weight
  6. He’s got my back. Whether it’s being  DD or leaving the door unlocked so I can sneak back in the house, he’s got me.
  7. To value loyalty
  8. That I’ve been training to be a mom since the day he was born due to the amount of times I use to jam the bottle in his mouth or force him to play house with me
  9. I’ve learned to delegate what advice I give him and what choices he can make on his own
  10. He HAS to love me despise how weird I act
  11. and vice versa, I have to love his weirdness too
  12. I’ve learned about cooperation and teamwork. Because “if mom and dad find out we’re so dead”
  13. fighting growing up has taught me not to sweat the small stuff because,
  14. we only have each other to grow up with
  15. I learned some serious negotiation skills to convince him to give me half of whatever he’s eating
  16. That I always have a gym buddy to go with
  17. That he will never fail to surprise me with the knowledge he knows or the things he has learned
  18. That just because he doesn’t do it my way, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s usually just as good if not better
  19. and finally learned that I will always have a best friend.

Happy happy birthday Young Kenneth!



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