Someone is Stealing my Content

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Hello my wonderful readers!

I wanted to reach out to you all and let you know about something that has been going on the past few months in my blogging life. Initially I wasn’t planning on blogging about it, but there has been so much anger revolving around this issue, that I just don’t know what else to do.

As I’m sure you read by the title, someone is stealing my content. I stumbled upon this when the owner of the site went ahead and requested to use one of my links. Suddenly I was taken to a website where every one of my blog posts were displayed. On someone else’s site. There was a wash of emotion that came over me. Anger, violation, intimidation, and a bit of fear.

My face, my words, my image, was somewhere else. And before anyone starts saying “yeah but that’s the internet, what do you expect?” know that it’s not okay to take other’s content. There is no way to protect your content 100%, but when someone steals your thoughts it feels similar to (how I would imagine the feeling of) someone breaking into your home and touching your belongings. Every time I hop on my blog, I know that this other site will go ahead and copy, word for word, my work.

I don’t want to go ahead and put down the website’s name, they don’t need any more traffic than they’re already getting. But, I did want to put this together to get the word out there that the internet, while a wonderful space, can have it’s downfalls. I wish I never saw the site and that I was in the “ignorance is bliss” stage still. It can be hard to find the right people to help and it can feel overwhelming.

I have gone back and forth on what to do when it comes to blogging. I hate the idea of having my pictures and words somewhere else. I go back and forth deciding that I don’t care and that I care very much. It has put into perspective how I want my future with to look.

I wanted to write this to warn others to always be on the lookout for content that is being stolen. Tell others if you see their work somewhere else. Be sure to put a clear copyright message on your work and on your site. And understand that it’s impossible to prevent people copying your blog content, but that doesn’t mean that you are powerless. You are the creator, you have these thoughts and ideas, and you are the soul and mind behind your site. No one can take that from you.

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