Why You Need to Listen to Your Body

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Summer is right around the corner, and for me that means going into “finals mode” except not cramming flashcards, but workouts. I recently have been loving my fitness journey. I’m not comfortable with showing any of my transformation photos on the internet, but I will say that I’ve gained six pounds (of muscle!) and it makes me happy to see the changes in my body rather than on the scale.

The past year I’ve been loving the Youtuber Sarah’s Day. She’s a health and fitness Youtuber who’s motto is “Listen to Your Body.” I always thought that to be a great motto, but I didn’t really live by it until recently. Here’s what I learned about why to need to listen to this motto.

This is a lifestyle

Being healthy isn’t about fad dieting or creating a life band on chocolate chip cookies, it’s about creating habits. Being at the gym six days a week may be great, but if you’re craving an extra rest day it’s important to understand the value of that. This is a long journey, not an 8 week challenge. Same goes for food. If you would eat one cookie and feel satisfied, that sounds a lot better than eating several items in the fridge trying to suppress the craving.

You won’t see progress if you hate the journey

Recently I have gotten back into lifting weights. It has become awesome to see the strength I have gained by eating more (healthy food) and doing less cardio (but lifting heavy). It’s awesome! But there are days when I just don’t feel like picking up one more dumbbell. Days like this are when I do HIIT workouts on the track, or I try out different machines, maybe even indulge in a fitness class like barre or yoga.

There’s something to be said about staying engaged in each workout. If you find yourself getting adapted to the workouts, chances are you’re not working as hard. Additionally, the gym can be a mental workout as well. It has become my “me time” each day and is a chance to really get the endorphins going. So be sure you enjoy each workout and don’t be afraid to switch it up.

Give yourself a chance to explore

Hot yoga? Ha! You’ll never find me there. Those have definitely been words that have come straight out of my mouth.

And yet…. I booked myself for a class tonight. What? Who is this new person?

Not a new person, but a new mindset. I really want to give myself chances to find new workouts and new activities. I never would have fallen in love with spin or lifting if I never tried it. And that’s not to say I haven’t done workouts that I have hated, but new experiences are exciting and they don’t always have to be done solo. Giving yourself a chance to explore a new workout can be a great chance to drag a willing friend along. And afterward you two need to recover with fro-yo then so be it!



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