March Recap & April Goals

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The month is already almost over! I can’t believe that March has come and gone. Here are my goals that I wrote back at the beginning of the month and a summary of how I did. I also wrote down some April goals for myself.

March Goals

Get back into journaling and self-reflection. Not everyday was I able to get up at six AM in order to get in time to reflect and journal. But some days I got in, which was more than no days! Although I felt like my days started off the best when I was able to wake up earlier, I still made it a point to get in that time in the afternoon if I wasn’t able to wake up on time. I can’t wait to continue my progress in April!

Read four books. The long car ride to Florida allowed for less reading that I thought, but I was able to finish Will Grayson Will Grayson, Light is the New Black, Everything I Never Told You, and Light’s Out. Let me know if you want a break down of my favorite of these books in my March Favorites. Although, Light is the New Black was so good that I might just dedicate an entire post just for it!

Try two new things. I tried driving in a car for almost 24 hours, I definitely would call that something new! Additionally, I did a night swim with friends which was a lot of fun. I also fostered the most adorable kitty I’ve ever met (more on her soon!). Here’s to trying new things!


April Goals

Wake up Early. With the sun rising just a bit earlier every day, I feel the compulsion to make the most of my days. I’m a morning person and by 3:00 PM I’ve lost all will and motivation to do anything. I want to make the most of the mornings and really dedicating time to slowly waking up.

Cut down the time it takes to get ready. Before I cleaned out my closet, it would take me twenty minutes just to pick out an outfit. I really rely on my outfits to boost my moods, but that also means if I hate my outfit watch out! Lately I find myself running out the door every morning even though I’ve already been up for hours. Whether it be picking my outfit out the night before, or shortening my make up routine, I want to be out the door faster.

Meal prep. I think part of my issue with the mornings is that I have to make breakfast and lunch in the morning. If I could dedicate some time on Sundays to meal prep some breakfasts or lunches that would be a great help. A few times I’ve gone all out and meal prepped breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week. And although it made for an easy week, I found myself not loving my meals the later the week went. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but just enough prep that I don’t have to make every meal starting from zero.

Say Yes. There’s less than six weeks until I graduate and I want to become a “yes woman.” Margaritas on a Monday? Yes. Late night movies? Yes. Early morning intramural? Yes. Soon we will all be shotgunned across the country and I want to savor these last few weeks of being so close to all my friends.

2 thoughts on “March Recap & April Goals

  1. Girl!!! How are you not already picking your outfit out and making your lunch the night before???! I swear it saves me a good 25 minutes in the morning just doing those 2 things the night before! Once you start, I promise you won’t go back to doing it in the morning 😃

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