My Self-Care Night Routine

Is it just me, or does everyone look forward to a quite Friday in so they can de-stress? Sometimes I’m so excited when there are no plans to go out that night because my favorite way to ring in the weekend is with a glass of wine and a bath! Hopefully I’m not all by myself because I wanted to share my favorite routine when it comes to celebrating the end of a long week or to mentally prepare for a new one.


5:00 PM – done for the day

Ahhh how wonderful is the end of a long work day? At 5:00 PM I try to be done with all my homework for the day. My thinking is that if I work hard throughout the entire day, I should be in a strong enough place to be done for the evening. Of course this doesn’t count when midterms are breathing down my neck, but nonetheless, 5:00 is the goal! My first action is to change into comfy clothes. My current favorites are my joggers paired with a cozy crew neck sweatshirt.

5:30 PM – Healthy dinner with a side of TV

I have been loving the already seasoned and prepared tilapia from my grocery store. For dinner I like having something healthy because there is nothing worse than trying to relax but feeling too bloated or guilty to enjoy the evening. Since I live alone, I usually turn on the TV for some HGTV or I’ll Chromecast some YouTube and watch my favorite beauty gurus.

7:00 PM – A soothing bath

The best way (in my humble opinion) to truly relax is to go all out on a bath. Bring on all the bath bombs and lots of bubbles please… both in and out of the water! 😉 I always like to keep the lights low and light some candles. This can be a perfect way to extend the TV binge or sometime I like to turn on soothing music and just be with my thoughts.

8:00 PM – Face treatment

Recently I have been loving taking the extra time to really treat my skin. First I’ll boil some water on the stove and create some steam. With a towel over my head, I stand over the bowl and let the steam open up my pores… it’s quite the scene! Then I go ahead and place a biore strip on and once it’s time to yank that off I’ll end with a sheet mask to really lock in the moisture.

9:00 Reading 

With the candle still burning, I like to make my way into the living room with my pj’s on and my favorite book in hand. It’s nice to pull away from the technology and really settle into a good book. I take this time to work towards my reading goal and push myself to be less addicted to the screens.



And that’s my favorite way to end the day! I usually save these for Fridays but any evening can be a pampered one 🙂

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