Travel Diary: Florida

This homebody once again convinced herself to leave the Midwest for spring break! Last week thirteen of us piled into cars and drove the grueling twenty-one hours to the gulf coast of Florida.

It was my first real vacation that wasn’t with my family which made for lots of firsts (and fun!) After I did a travel diary for Dublin and Burlington, I found myself going back and rereading the post to reminisce.  I’m sharing with you some of the highlights on our trip along with some great memories that no doubt will last a lifetime.Day one was full of 80 degree sunshine which was such a nice surprise after the forecast predicted storms all week. I took this opportunity to recruit my awesome boyfriend to take some Instagram pictures while we had the chance.

As you can see, the behind the scenes shots are much more interesting! 🙂 He’s such a good sport about it all.. almost zero complaining! Thankful for this captured moment, it’s just too funny!

This is what I imagined my senior year spring break to look like: surrounded by friends, sunshine, the ocean, and a couple good drinks! I’m the one in the floppy hat (got to hide from those UVs!) but the hat was a big hit and everyone wanted to wear it… and by everyone I mean the guys ha ha!

On our last night we all trudged down to the beach in our dinner outfits and got some stunning pictures. The amazing photographer and dear friend from Hannah Fisher Photography took some breathtaking shots!

And she doesn’t just capture romantic moments. Look at this one she got of us shouting at a friend to not get his shoes wet! Love the pose Riley, this might be my favorite picture of the whole trip. It’s like a Renaissance picture, so much is going on and so much more behind the scenes!

We had some “chilly” days reaching around 68 or low 70, but that didn’t stop us from having fun inside or in layers of clothes!

And maybe the only perk of driving twenty-one hours back home is seeing a stellar Iowa sunrise.

It’s good to be home.

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