I Got a Tattoo… Again

Despite my parent’s strong recommendation against it, I once again found myself in a tattoo parlor with a needle to my skin. Back in June of 2017  I got my first tattoo. It’s a roman numeral 4 representing the four people in my family. I got another tattoo a couple weeks ago and I wanted to talk about what it means to me.

Disclaimer: tattoos are a representation of what is important to you. Or is it just a picture of something you like. They can mean something. They can mean purely nothing. They do not need validation from anyone except yourself. Nonetheless, here’s the story behind mine.

In college there has been more than one late night talk that asked if people believed in God. That question, to me, is incredibly personal. And while I don’t feel comfortable writing about my faith on the internet, I will tell you that I strongly believe in the Universe.

My tattoo is of the nine planets (had to add Pluto because dwarf planet or not, I love Pluto thank you very much) on my forearm. The representation? The Universe.

The Universe will always be on my side, it is not “me against the world” you are in this together. There is so much out there and you need to remember that it’s too large to go at it alone, and you’re never alone. You have a light inside you that will shine when you nurture it. There is an outside force that will help you shine your light and in doing so, you will inspire others to do the same. Be unapologetically you, and it will support you. You are so supported.

Karma is real. There is no need to seek revenge, people will get what they deserve and there is no part you need to play in that. Do good and you will get good.

The tattoo is minimalist, and that’s just what I wanted. There’s no need for a large piece of art. To me, this is a simple mantra. Nine circles to bring me back to the root of who I am trying to be.

It will provide if only you remember to ask. I would always wish for things like “I want to be a blogger like those people I follow on Instagram,” I would wish for better grades or more opportunities for adventure. But I wished, I didn’t ask. I didn’t make a clear path to allow the universe to create those opportunities for me. This reminds me to ask and thank, always.

I understand that this blog post is basically word vomit on a page. But I kind of like it that way. A tangent of words brought on by a passion, as if I needed more validation for this ink. I love it, it reminds me to be so much more. And that’s all I need.

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