February Favorites


Woman in the Window

Five/five stars

Any book that makes me sit on my bed after my commute and keep listening, is considered an addicting book in my mind. This book reminds me so much of Gone Girl due to the fact that there are so many twists. Even the last one hundred pages consisted of surprises so you’re not done when you think it’s all figured out! The story of an agoraphobic, the new neighbors, and a girls night in is sure to keep you turning the pages.
The Elite (#2 in the Selection series)

Three/five stars

I’m happy to get back into series because I don’t have to say goodbye to the characters just yet. This is the second book in a trilogy and I loved how light the book was. Easy read and wasn’t heavy like some of the books I’ve read. A perfect read on a beach or in a bath and for anyone who has ever dreamed of being a princess (soo all of us?)

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Epson salts

I absolutely love taking baths. I take them weekly and it’s my perfect way of destressing and my method of self-care. But sadly, I am a college student and I can’t afford bath bombs every week. To supplement, I have really loved pouring in Epson salts into my bath. It has some awesome perks like increasing magnesium levels and eliminating toxins. I like any of the Dr. Teal’s brands  that you can find at Target and Walgreens and the big bag offers many uses per bag.
Everything Pink

I went a little crazy with this color after so much of it was sprinkled across my Pinterest. I have been loving searching for blush pink items for my Pinterest mood board as well as doing little things like paint my nails a pretty light blush. Bring on the Rosé for the sake of the aesthetic!


Target Swim Suits

Spring break in Florida is in a couple weeks and that was the perfect excuse to get a new swimsuit. If you’re looking for one I highly recommend checking out Target’s selection. I got a beautifully classic black one and it was so nice to have so many options. I got to pick out the perfect style for me and I can’t wait to wear it on the beach!
Coffee of the Month: Vanilla Latte

It’s midterm season which means many days (and nights) spent at coffee shops to break up the hours in the library. I have been loving my order of a skinny vanilla latte (iced on the warmer days). Also protip that if you have a Starbucks gold card you get free refills on coffee!


Quote of the Week 

In my planner, there’s a space to write “notes & thoughts.” I’ve been leaving it blank for months, but in February I have been putting a quote of the week. Each week brings on different challenges and so I loved being able to pick what quote I’ve been loving at the moment.


Favorite Quotes

In addition to my Pink Cloud Pinterest board, I’ve really been loving posting to my Quotes board. These are great to come back to when I’m in need of inspiration, motivation, or a new weekly quote. They’re all great reminders!

Let me know what you loved in February. Bring on the birthday month!

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