March Goals and February Recap

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I think these posts may be some of my favorites to write. It’s a chance for me to take a break and really think about some self-reflection. Life can get so busy, and goals can easily be forgotten. I made a promise to myself in January to uphold as many resolutions as I could. An easy way for me to do that is to write down my monthly goals. Here’s how it went for this month!

February Goals

Read 30 minutes a day. So this started out well for the first week, but as my first wave of tests came, my free time was limited and I was just too tired to focus on a book. I’m a bit disappointed in myself on this one because 30 minutes isn’t that hard considering my commute to campus is a 15 minute bus ride.

Read four books this month. Books on Audible really helped out because I was able to finish two books just by listening to them instead of music. I think if I would have read for 30 minutes I could’ve reached this goal.

Stick to a budget. Everything was in budget except for shopping. Am I even surprised? Luckily I was only over by a few dollars so I consider this a success! I will definitely be incorporating this into next month.

Cross off two things off my senior bucket list. If you look on my bucket list from freshman year there are still a bunch of things I haven’t done that I’ve wanted to do since freshman year. In February, I was able to cross off:

  1. Attend an ISU vs. Kansas basketball game
  2. Steal a sign (it was a poster at a bar but it counts!)

Blog more than half the days of February. So the Winter 8×8 didn’t end as I planned, but I decided that being true to myself is better than reaching a blog post goal. I didn’t get to blog more than 14 days but I guess I should have accounted for all the exams and projects that would have taken precedent. Through this goal I learned quality over quantity.

Only use my bed for sleeping. I wouldn’t say this was a success, but it was definitely an improvement from last month. There were more Sunday morning coffees spent on the couch rather than in bed. I felt that I was able to get my day started faster when this happened as well. Another win; there were no snacks that made its way to bed this month!


Looking at this it really doesn’t look like I accomplished much! Maybe a combination of being overambitious and only having 28 days in the month made for some uncompleted goals. But despite this, I’m not discouraged nor do I feel sad about the month. It was a full month full of new trials and busy weeks.

March Goals

Get back into journaling and self-reflection. I felt like I was at my calmest when I was constantly evaluating my life and reflecting on my actions. Daily journaling is something that fell off my radar and morning routines. Since I’m at work or class at 8:00 AM I don’t have time to make coffee let alone sit on the couch and journal. So I want to make it a focus to either wake up early to get some “me time” in, or prioritize my evenings so that this becomes habit.

Read four books. Okay reading, let’s try this again. I have a 21 hour car ride to Florida and then spring break on the beach so bring on the reading! I’m excited to make this a priority

Try two new things. Towards the end of February I went skiing for the first time. Before we left to go I really didn’t want to do it. I was to the point of sulking. I had a great time and every time something wonderful happened I kept thinking to myself, “I’m so glad I made myself come.” Why didn’t I want to go? I was scared of new things, change, failure. I want to make myself become aware of that dissonance feeling. Let it creep up again in new situations and push through. In March I want to try two new things. They could be as simple as being a vegetarian for a week, or doing a digital detox.


And that’s my rundown of February and my preparation for March! Let me know if you have any goals for one of my favorite months!



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