Winter 8×8 Day 3

Still a winder wonderland here in the midwest! I’m so happy to be drinking all the coffee with the excuse “but baby it’s cold outside.” On Day three on the winter eight by eight, I was happy to put together a classic, neutral colored outfit that went perfect with a second cup of coffee.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out what’s going on here! For the next eight days (not including Fridays or weekends) I’m only wearing eight pieces of clothing.

This is Day Three, just keep reading:

What I Wore

Sweater (similar)


First Impressions

Not feeling as excited about the challenge. I hate to say it, but I’m starting to get bored of my clothes. I guess it’s not helpful that I’m dressing basic. On Monday I think I’m going to accessorize more to add to the outfit. The only person at fault for being basic is me! Ha!

I will say that I felt very classic in this outfit, and if I didn’t have the eight by eight challenge going on I think I would really have loved this outfit.

Styling Tips

If you want to amp up an outfit, do so! I guess this is more of a styling tip for myself, but I’m putting it out there. A lot of the time my outfit will influence my mood. If I’m wearing a lot of dark clothing and not a lot of style, I might not feel the best in it. Wear what makes you feel great!

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