Winter 8×8 Day 2

I can’t get over all of this snow! It’s suppose to be snowing everyday for the rest of the week, and because I can take the bus to campus, I’m all in for this weather! Although I’m not digging my car out of the snow, and I’m eating literally everything in my fridge to avoid going grocery shopping, I still was excited to put together Tuesday’s outfit.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out what’s going on here! For the next eight days (not including Fridays or weekends) I’m only wearing eight pieces of clothing.

This is Day Two, another cloudy and snowy day, I definitely bundled up.

What I Wore






First Impressions

Still feeling good about the challenge! I decided to accessorize with a scarf and a vest (could the vest be considered cheating? Perhaps). And I felt so warm under all the layers and my big puffy coat. After my long day, I got home and changed into my comfy joggers and t-shirt. I couldn’t have been happier. This way I also felt like I’m less likely to get sick of the clothes if I only wear them when I’m “going places.”

Styling Tips

Scarf = Instant outfit. Put a scarf with any long sleeved top and bam outfit created! My go to has always been a scarf, basic top, and something to throw over. I felt put together the entire day, and the splash of color helped boost my mood!

See you all tomorrow!

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