I Worked Out for 30 Days and this is What Happened

Sounds ambitious I know, but I realized that it was actually a lot easier once I laid down some rules and motivation. Did I go to the gym every single day? Absolutely not! But, I did find that was my favorite type of workout! The other days? a mix of at home videos, runs outside and just plain skipping the gym. Here’s my experience after a challenge of 30 days of working out.

My Rules

Define what a workout is and what it is not. Some days are just so busy that I pretty much don’t have room to breath until 9:00 PM. Other days I’m just feeling so lazy that I don’t want to leave the house. On days like that I need to understand that a workout doesn’t mean that I have to be at the gym or that I have to burn at least 300 calories a workout. It means I work hard, I build up a sweat, and I feel like I accomplished something at the end of it.

All workouts must be at least 30 minutes. To be considered as a real workout it definitely has to be at least 30 minutes of hard work.

Five workouts per week must be strength or cardio based. As much as I would like yoga to count as a workout three days a week, for me, that isn’t going to work to help me obtain my goals. Ideally I would love if I could get all my workouts to be high intensity, but I know that won’t be realistic. Having five workouts a week be strength/cardio based will leave me to have two days where yoga or yogilaties will totally count as a workout.

Give myself some Grace. During this month I need to remember that there will be highs and lows. There will be varying degrees of “hard workouts”

How I’m Tracking it

I have a planner that I use to keep track of school, but that’s more of a week by week layout and I wanted to look at the entire month. I ended up using my monthly part of the planner. This way everything is in one place and I can see all the progress. I am writing down the workout that I accomplished everyday in that day’s space. This way I can see the entire month at a glace to keep my motivation at an all time high.

How it Went

Week One: The first week actually went a lot smoother than I thought it would be. I have to give credit where credit is due. This first week was actually my last week of winter break. This meant that my daily task list was literally empty so I really had absolutely no excuse not to work out. I also had my family to motivate me to go. There was always a member of my family who was about to go to the gym, or who was bragging that they already got their workout in for the day. It was a surprisingly easy week!

Week Two: On Sunday I had to drive back to school which meant six hours in the car. Needless to say, I had absolutely no intention or energy to go to the gym that night. Instead, I did a 15 minute yoga session in my apartment followed by some stretching and ab work. I ended the day feeling more accomplished than I did on some days when I ran! On Thursday I ended up not working out at all. There was a huge snowstorm and I had a lot of classes to attend. But hey, I knew that this wouldn’t be a perfect 30 days. I really couldn’t let one day ruin my progress. The rest of the week rocked and I found that working out with friends makes it more fun!

Week Three: I’ve been focusing more on strength training rather than cardio. It has become more intriguing than just waiting for the countdown on the treadmill to reach 0:00. I’ve also seen that I can do planks for longer and lift weights easier than when I started. After high school basically burnt me out of weight lifting I’m starting to see a light that I might be enjoying it again? Could that even be possible!? Ha. Well I’m no Whitney Simmons but I’m getting excited to be going to the gym again!

Week Four: Routine. Routine. Routine. The gym has finally started to feel like just “something I do” rather than “something that has to get done.” It’s not always a chore, but a treat, there’s no question of if I’ll be working out today. My schedule lately has Tuesdays being too busy for the gym and I can tell how pent up my energy is on those days. The days I don’t workout aren’t my favorite anymore. I’ve been able to do a 12 minute plank (side planks included) and I’ve been highly motivated to see the weight I can lift increase. Next month, the gym will be just as relevant as now.

This was such an amazing experience and I encourage you to try your own version of the 30 Day Workout challenge. There are so many resources available, just get out there and start! 

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