January Favorites

Finally January has come to an end. I feel like this month dragged on for such a long time. But, with this long month came lots of books read and some new habits that were cultivated. Read below to see what I loved this month.

Books Read:

The Program. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen an Instagram story (@barrychic.blog) where I was gushing about this book. I couldn’t tear through it fast enough and I was truly at a loss when I couldn’t find the next book in the series. The Program is about the future where teenage suicide is an epidemic, and to help save those under eighteen anyone who is showing warning signs are put into the program. Such an amazing book that I gave it five full stars on my Goodreads account.

The First Assassin: If you’re looking for a history novel, I highly recommend this one. In the era of Lincoln and the issues that follow, this book follows many perspectives as the story unravels. There’s no “slow” part in this book. It was perfect to listen to on my long drive back to school.

Champion. This was the final book in the Legend trilogy that I was reading in December. I always feel at a loss when I finish a series or a book, like I’m saying goodbye to a good friend. (I know I can hear how nerdy that sounds.) I don’t think this book was as great as the first book in the trilogy, but I thought it was a solid ending. If you loved reading Divergent, this is a great series for you.

 The Crossing. Any murder mystery book will be a preference for me on Audible. I love listening to anything packed with action. Although The Crossing was a part of a series, I had no issue jumping right in and understanding everything. Following the life of an ex-cop was a thrilling read!

Weight Training

I can’t believe I forgot just how strong I could be if I pushed my body. For months I would just stick to running and spin class because I thought the idea of “lifting heavy things and putting them back down” to be boring. In January, I continued to spend the majority of my time at the gym lifting weights. The combination of seeing results and switching up the routines kept me interested enough to come back each day. I’m thinking of doing a whole blog post about this, but I have been loving the weight rack this month!


I’ve been doing my question of the day, and even though I sometimes miss a couple days, I have been loving this time for reflection. I loved it so much that I pulled out a blank journal of mine and started “bullet journaling.” Please take that term very loosely 🙂 I have been tracking my workout, water intake, and gratitude even though I didn’t do it every day. If I stick it out for February as well I’ll be sure to blog it!

Thanks for reading!

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