February Goals & January Recap

I think this was one of my most productive January’s I’ve ever had. By having not only yearly goals, but monthly ones as well, I feel these accomplishments more tangible. Remember how I said I would go to the gym every day? Keep reading to see how I did in the month of January, and also to peak at what my goals are for the upcoming month.

January Goals

Here were my goals for the month of January and a recap of how I did:

Workout everyday. Workout doesn’t mean going to a 50 minute spin class everyday. Even though it was daunting, for the most part, I completed the goal! This definitely contributed to my 2018 resolution to create a healthy lifestyle. It’s almost like going to the gym is just a habit. I decided to do a whole blog post talking about it more in detail so be on the look out for that!

Wash bed sheets once a week. Darn, I totally forgot about this one. I washed them every two weeks because I just HATE doing laundry. Ugh… better put this one on next months goals.

Wear glasses twice a week. I’m super surprised that I accomplished this one! I’m sure my eyes appreciated it, although sometimes it was more of a hassle than others. Again, this helps with my “healthy lifestyle” yearly goal. I don’t think this will be a goal next week, but it has made me more aware that wearing contacts everyday isn’t good for my eyes.

Travel to Hawaii. Nooooppee. Did not happen. Darn. My tan will wait another day. 🙂

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February Goals

Read 30 minutes a day. When you think about it, 30 minutes of browsing on the computer or watching Netflix flies by. So to help contribute to my reading 50 books goal, I want to read 30 minutes a day. Whether it be before bed, or spaced about between classes I would love to make this a priority.

Read four books this month. Again this goes hand in hand with the 50 books a month goal. 4×12=48 so a little more than 4 books a month will do the trick.

Stick to a budget. Being a real live adult means that soon I’ll have several bills to pay and money to keep track of. I want to get a grip on how to do that before August. No better time than the present! It’s also part of my 2018 resolutions to be a pro at budgeting. I plan on using Mint.com to do this. I already set up all my accounts and got familiarized with the site, so I’m ready to give it a try.

Cross off two things off my senior bucket list. A few weeks ago, I found my bucket list from freshman year. It’s getting close to graduation so let’s cross off some tasks!

Blog more than half the days of February. Remember my summer 10×10 challenge and fall 10×10 challenge where I wore only ten items of clothing for ten days? I want to do that again for the winter season and this month seems like the perfect time to do that. But, to make that possible I have to be on top of my blogging game. More than half the days filled with blog posts? Bring it on!

Only use my bed for sleeping. Last night I was laying in my bed when I rolled onto a popcorn kernel. Gross, Samantha. I remember when I got my new blush pink bed quilt and I promised myself that I wouldn’t eat in bed. In addition to the occasional snack in bed, that’s my spot to watch Netflix, drink coffee, and as a matter of fact I’m writing this post in bed as we speak! It’s made it a bit hard to separate my sleeping space from my work space and I want to work on having my bed be just for sleeping and leave the morning coffee for cuddling up on the couch.



Let me know what your February Goals are for the month! Here’s to accomplishing great things this month.






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