Outfit of the Week: Elephants and Hats

Last weekend I was desperately trying to avoid another Netflix binge watching session. This resulted in me watching Gossip Girl because after watching it two times through, I can only watch one or two episodes at a time.

If anyone watches Gossip Girl, you know it’s a great source of solid outfit inspiration. Although a lot of their outfits are pretty out there, but I found a stroke of inspiration when I saw Jenny Humphrey’s outfit in season 4.


Anyone remember this one when Jenny was turning out to be more snide and deceitful the more the show went on? Yeah me too. But luckily I just took her outfit not her personality. So that’s what today’s outfit of the week was inspired from!

Smirking or secretly freezing? 😉




Details: Hat // Scarf // Leather jacket // Skirt // OTK boots // Photography credits: Hannah Fisher Photography


So the skirt unfortunately is a couple years old so it’s not available at J Crew anymore. But not to fear friends, I found a couple for sale on ebay that you can snag for a super reasonable price. Something that I love about this outfit is that it’s pretty classic. An all black ensemble with some hints of light neutrals to keep it from being too dark.


Fortunately or unfortunately, my university isn’t about dressing to the nines for our nine AM’s. So I definitely took advantage of the opportunity to pull out this outfit.

Thank’s for reading!


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