I Found my College Bucket List from Freshman Year

Because of the new semester, I spent the day cleaning out my Google Drive folders and creating a new one for the semester. As one does when cleaning is involved, I got distracted and stumbled upon a file named Due May 2018. I thought it was a misplaced file since it was in my personal folder but then I remember: this was a bucket list I made my freshman year of college. 

Suddenly I’m thrown back sitting on my bed in my old dorm. No air conditioning, but the window that was open did the job. I sat on my bed near the end of my first year when I sat down and wrote out this list.

Today, I wanted to share this list with you all. This blog is a way for me to mark memories and time, and so this is something that I definitely didn’t want to leave out. If anything, it’s a chance for reflection and a push of motivation to cross off a few more. I went ahead and italicized the ones that I have accomplished as of January 2018.


My College Bucket List

  1. Attend a class I’m not enrolled in
  2. Lay in a hammock on central campus
  3. Do the Curtiss to Beardshear run (You run from one side of central campus to the other in the time it takes the campanile bells to strike midnight)
  4. Play frisbee on central campus
  5. Attend an ISU vs. Kansas basketball game
  6. Attend the Cyhawk football game
  7. Attend the Cyhawk basketball game
  8. Create something at The Workshop
  9. Get coffee at Stopping Grounds
  10. Race to seats once the doors open for a football game (it wasn’t right when they opened but we still ran!)
  11. Go mass Campaniling
  12. Play a Battleship intramural game
  13. See a concert at the Maintenance Shop
  14. Attend the Iowa State Fair
  15. Jump in the Fountain of Four Seasons
  16. Eat a Clone Cone at a basketball game
  17. Run the Nearly Naked Mile
  18. Tour the Campanile
  19. Get on the Dean’s List
  20. Hike the Maquoketa Caves
  21. Have people I can call best friends
  22. Step on the Zodiac on purpose
  23. Have a picnic on central campus
  24. Tour Reiman Gardens
  25. Play Bingo at ISU After Dark
  26. Take the wine tasting class
  27. Stay up all night
  28. Steal a sign
  29. Rock climb
  30. Go on spring break with friends
  31. Get a milkshake at BeBops
  32. Get a long island at Cafe B
  33. Study abroad
  34. Try the Biofeedback chair
  35. Tour the Virtual Reality Center
  36. Go to Perkins after 1 am
  37. Get Superdog
  38. See a play/musical at Fishers Auditorium
  39. See a performance at Stephens Auditorium
  40. Graduate


This list made me cry, so if you’re a freshman in college I urge you to write one of these for yourself. If you’re not, do it anyways. You’re never to old to make dreams.

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