Second Semester Necessities

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean I don’t feel the “first day of school” sensation that comes with every new semester schedule. With new classes, a new schedule, and a new routine to fall into, there are some items that are on my “to buy” list that I wanted to share with you all.

Second Semester

My Essentials

Isn’t this just the best collection? Everything revolves around the same aesthetic and I think you can guess what my favorite color is at the moment. I wanted to quick go over why I picked out some of the items I did.

Two water bottles: So I’ve been really trying to go to the gym everyday and I found it to be such a hassle to drink water from my swell water bottle while working out. I do better with some kind of straw in my bottle so that I can drink it faster. Two water bottles leave me to keep one in my backpack and one in my gym bag. This way there’s no forgetting and each bottle serves its purpose.

Work purse: Some days I only head to campus to go to work. For those days I don’t need to bring my backpack full of my school supplies, so I opted for bringing a purse instead. I made sure to grab one that’s big enough to store all my snacks!

Beret: The beret trend is coming back and I am 100% on board with it! Too bad it’s bitter cold right now, but I plan on wearing my hats to class more. Wearing a cute outfit to class just might be the motivation I need when I really rather be watching a movie!


Let me know what you picked up for the new semester! Bring on Spring 2018!

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