My Goals for 2018

The goals post is finally here! I didn’t want to send this out on the first of the month because I really wanted to take the time to sit down and decide what I want to accomplish in 2018. So if you are nosy like me (personally these are my favorite types of posts!) then just keep reading. I’ll be going over:

  • my goals
  • my resolutions
  • my monthly goals
  • and my word of the year

There’s a lot that’s going to be changing in 2018. I’m graduating from college, I’ll have four months off, and then I’m moving to a new city to start my brand new job. So I wanted to be sure that my yearly intentions reflected all this change.

First I wanted to clarify one thing: to me resolutions and goals are different. Goals are one task that gets accomplished and then is finished. A resolution is a task that is never quiet done, there’s always room to work on it. So it made sense for me to make both goals and resolutions for myself.

My Goals for 2018

Travel to Europe. I have time off before I start work, and there will probably never be another time in my life that I’ll be this energetic about traveling and also have the time. I’m already starting to save now. As daunting as this task is, I’m determined to make it happen… Italy anybody?

Get another tattoo. I’ve been itching to get another tattoo for a while now and 2018 will be the year I do it. Whether it will be to commemorate a trip, a feeling, or an accomplishment I’m not sure yet. But, I have a lot of ideas and now it’s just a matter of choosing which is my favorite.

Take a trip alone. I’ve probably beaten this horse dead, but when I traveled to Dublin I did it by myself. There’s a quote that says “you’re goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot.” Solo travel does that to me. Doesn’t matter where I travel to, but I plan on going alone to gain that empowerment feeling that goes along with doing something on my own. 

My Resolutions for 2018

Be a pro at budgeting. My own apartment in the city, a couple trips on the horizon, and student loans? Um yeah I defiantly have to be better at budgeting. College creates a safe bubble where a weekly trip to the local TJ Maxx is a bit excessive but not anything to stress about. I plan on using and getting a hold on everything so that when the big time hits, I’m not floundering.

Find a new hobby. In 2017 I found spin classes and it became one of my favorite sources of exercise. In 2018 I plan on doing the same. It doesn’t have to be workout related, but how can you find something you love if you don’t search?

Create a healthy lifestyle that comes like second nature. In the past years I made goals like “loose X amount of weight” or “Drink more water.” I want to be less specific and encompass the entire spectrum of healthy living. No weight to lose, but green veggies to eat. No maintaining workouts six times a week, but heading to the gym because it’s just what I do. I don’t know if I’m explaining it the best… but you get the point hopefully!

Reach out to friends. Friendship, and any relationship really, takes work and effort. In 2018 I will graduate college (cries) which means my best friends in the world won’t be living in the same 10-minute drive radius (cries harder). So for this year, I want to make sure I reach out to my friends for coffee or to fly in for a weekend to visit them. Would it be easier to just text everyone in a group to talk? Of course. But that’s not the kind of relationship I want with my friends. If these people are to be in my life for the long haul, then this is something I want to do… sorry guys you’re stuck with me! 😉

Read 50 books. Reading feeds the soul. Enough said.

Stop using straws. by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.” If that doesn’t scare you, make you disappointed, or create some kind of reaction, I don’t know what will. Straws are not recyclable, they end up in our oceans and in our wildlife. Read about the Strawless Ocean movement here!!  I’ll always been passionate about the environment and have taken environmental classes for years now (almost got that environmental minor). And I wanted to create a resolution that reflected that passion.

I plan on using no straws in 2018. “Few people realize that straws are among the top 10 items found during beach clean ups and can do so much harm to seabirds, turtles and other marine creatures.” Now I know that sometimes things happen and I might slip up, that’s why I’m going to keep every straw that I use this year. Hopefully there will be hardly any and at the end of the year I can say that I made a difference. If there’s one resolution I wish for you to make, it’s this one. If you want to make a difference this year, take the pledge to go strawless with me!


Phew! I just wrote 1000 words about my goals… talk about passion! Let me know what some of your resolutions and goals are for the new year, and if you would like to see what my month by month goals are! 

9 thoughts on “My Goals for 2018

  1. This post really inspired me to actually achieve my goals for this year – thank you! You have set some really awesome things or yourself, many of which I share: reading 50 books, budgeting and reaching out to friends are all on my list! I also set a resolution to make a success of my blog. I’m not quite sure what I mean by ‘success’ so I’m hoping I will be able to figure that out along the way! (Although I don’t think it would hurt if I got more organised with my university work as well haha!) Excellent post – I can’t wait to read more from you!


  2. I’d love to travel to Europe! I visited Europe for the first time when I went to London in September. It inspired me to spend a summer traveling Europe while in college.


  3. If you’re having trouble giving up straws, I recommend reusable metal or glass straws, I purchased some metal ones on amazon and was expecting to have to replace them because they’re not expensive and I assumed they wouldn’t clean easy (especially when I make a fruit smoothie), but I’ve been using them for a couple years now and have no problems at all with cleaning them without having to scrub them


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