Monthly Favorites: December

It’s my last week of winter break (Or my last week of my last winter break ever if we want to get technical).  And I’m sitting in my bright clean room typing away thinking about how I’m going to miss my lovely room. I’m finally at a point where my room at home has become like an oasis, designed perfectly how I want it. There’s no rush to go back to my college apartment!

Today I wanted to go though what I loved in December 2017. It was the month of finals so peppermint coffee and Quizlet flashcards definitely makes the list. But go ahead an take a look at what else I was obsessed with in December that isn’t finals related!


Balloon Sleeved Sweater

I’m loving this trend and I hope it stays forever! I bought this last week and I love how it’s fitting in the middle, yet puffy sleeves at the sides. It makes for a perfect cozy sweater to cuddle into. I love when I can look cute and be secretly comfy at the same time. I’ve been paring mine with light skinny jeans and over the knee boots!

If you’re interested in hopping on the trend, here are some I found and love

  • Low price range: This one is a classic black from Forever 21
  • Medium price range: Topshop’s balloon sleeved sweater also has a scoop neck
  • High price range: Here’s a velvet one from Anthropology 

52 Lists for Happiness

I’m a list girl through and through. Sometimes, there’s such an overwhelming feeling due to tasks that I need to accomplish that I feel the only solution is to delve back into bed. But, when that hits, even writing down what I have to do will make me feel calmer. 52 Lists makes me reflect on what makes me happy and gives actions on how to become happier. I did it every Sunday of December and it’s helping combat those winter blues.

Q & A a Day


Another journal prompt I’ve been loving starting in December is my Q&A a Day journal. Each day has a question to answer and there is space so that you can answer the same question three years in a row. I love how there is a question to answer because if I had to summarize my day sometimes I’d feel bad because there are days where I literally do nothing! It’s also a great gift to give someone. I know there are questions for new moms, grandparents, couples, etc. There are a ton of books like this out there on Amazon, but I got mine at trusty TJ Maxx.

Bath and Body Works Candle

December was like every other month when it came to candles! The scents that I was burning this month were “Let’s Stay Home” which is vanilla pumpkin marshmallow. Smells like creamy vanilla, pumpkin spice, marshmallow, and caramel. It was perfect for the transition from fall to winter.

My Light Box

I had so much fun coming up with quotes for my light box! I snagged this one at TJ Maxx (where else ha!) for twelve dollars. It lights up multicolored but I like to leave it off during the day. I had everything from Baby it’s cold outside to Finals Schminals written on my light box. Some days I would change it daily! Yup super weird, I’ll admit it.

TJ Maxx

Okay I can’t really finish this post without giving tribute to my main store TJ. I have fallen in love with this store over the years and I love how I can find the best items and clothes for an amazing price. I would say 80% of my room is from TJ and I still find myself at that store wayyy to much. I could gush about this store all day, ugh TJ Maxx please sponsor me and my shopping habits! 🙂

Here’s to January being wonderful and full of more TJ Maxx runs! 

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