Books I Read in December

Happy first post of 2018! I’m so excited to start of the year blogging and getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been working hard on putting together my yearly goals that I’ll be sharing with you all next week. Until then, I wanted to round up the books that I finished for December.

I had two weeks in December where I had nothing on my agenda except take daily naps, read, and try to hit the gym. What sounds better? Especially with the weather being bitter cold, I’m perfectly happy cuddling up with a cup of tea, ready to binge on a book. I even consciously refused to start a new Netflix series because I didn’t want to get sucked into a new series.  Books

Before We Were Yours

Before We Were YoursBefore We Were Yours goes into the heartbreaking story of Rill Foss and her journey in the Tennessee Children’s Home Society orphanage. It’s based off a true story and the horrors that went on in the Tennessee Children’s Home is all too real. Avery Stafford is determined to find out the secrets that her family is hiding, and somehow it relates to Rill.

I was glad this book was recommended to me because, although it was different to what I usually read, it was a great story that I feel needs to be spread. It was the perfect companion for my daily commutes.

My Goodreads Rating: 3/5 Stars


Legend  is the perfect book for those who are longing for an adventure like Divergent. It’s different enough from other dystopian novels that it left me surprised multiple times. This was the book I was missing in my life that I didn’t know I needed to read. There’s a boy from the slums and a girl from the high-class neighborhood that ultimately meet on unfriendly terms. Mandatory government tests for children, action, and of course a bit of romance. Read this book if you loved the Hunger Games.

My Goodreads Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


Image result for prodigy book

Prodigy is the second book in the Legend trilogy. I was thrilled that this book was available as soon as I finished Legend. Needless to say, it was finished in two days. Day and June continue their journey together and the unlikely pair face daunting enemies. There are series that have disappointing me because the second novel isn’t anywhere near the first book .I can’t say too much without giving away important parts, but it was not a disappointing second book.

My Goodreads Rating: 4/5 Stars


I also listened to a ton of podcasts in December due to the amount of driving I did. I wanted to leave you all with the list of podcasts that I listened too (and recommend). Each one left me reflecting on the way I go though life and how it compares to what was being discussed. Some even made me cry!

Ted Radio Hour

  • Simple Solutions
  • Manipulation
  • To Endure
  • Rethinking Medicine
  • Maslow’s Human Needs
  • Transparency
  • Going Undercover (made me cry!)

Thanks for reading, I wish you all the best as you start to tackle your 2018 reading goals!

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