Reflecting 2017

It’s my last blog post of 2017 and I can’t believe what a journey it’s been. I wrote a post about a week ago talking about what I learned during 2017, but I’ve done a bit more reflection as the year ends.

I put together a little video for myself to remember the year. I posted it on my blog’s Facebook page if you want to take a peak! I’ll also graze through what I reflected on here as well.

Created memories with friends


I think 2017 was really the year I said “yes” when it came to hanging out with my friends. Sometimes I get in these ruts where all I want to do it mope around my bedroom and be sad. But in 2017, even on some of those days, I went and hung out with friends which was some of the best medicine for me! Even when it came to being apprehensive about bigger plans, like a weekend trip to a new city, I’m so grateful I didn’t let my mind get the better of me.

Got a Job!

I talked about this in my December chit-chat blog post, but it was such big news that I had to include it in my 2017 reflection. This was probably the most adult thing that I did in 2017 and I’m so grateful that I don’t have to continue the job search next year. I keep thinking about how different my life will be this time next year or even next summer. There are waves of gripping anxiety and waves of liberation that come and go. But, since this move won’t happen for several months, I continue to relish on the fact that I got myself one of those job-things that grown ups always talk about. 😉

I Traveled Solo

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

On the internet you’ll see plenty of blog posts discussing about the benefits from traveling solo, and I have to agree with them. Traveling solo gave me such a sense of empowerment and confidence that I don’t think I could obtain anywhere else. Even though it was terrifying at times I’m so glad it did it in 2017. And don’t worry 2018, it’s on my New Year’s resolution list to do it again.

I was an A+ Fan


Senior year and a football and basketball team that’s on fire? Heck yeah you’ll see me at every game. I tailgated in the cold, rain, and at 4:30 AM for my Cyclones. There will never be another chance for me to stand in that student section and and cheer at the top of my lungs with fellow students. There’s something about school spirit and comrade that makes me swell with pride. In 2017 I was Iowa State’s biggest fan.


Stay tuned for my 2018 goals that are coming up in a couple weeks!

2 thoughts on “Reflecting 2017

  1. Congrats on the job, enjoying the last part of student life, being with friends and travelling alone, sounds like you had good year, and may next year be even better for you. I done highlights of 2017 over at my blog if wanna check it out. For now, pre Happy New Year 🙂 x


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