BarryChic.Blog Holiday Gift Guides

 I really didn’t think that I would settle down and put together a whole holiday gift guide for you all, but procrastinating studying can produce wonderful things! For Blogmas Day 2 I put together holiday gift guides for four types of people: The pampered, the adventurous, the jet setting traveler, and the student. So if you need some gift ideas or if you’re just in the mood for some online shopping, just keep reading.

For the Pampered



For the Pamper-er

If you know a gal who’s optimal Friday nights consist of reading by the fire or having her pj’s on before 8pm (guilty!) then these items would be perfect for her!

What I especially love: the plush bedding from Nordstrom Rack is only $20 and oh-so-soft!

For the Adventurous



Remember when I went camping for a weekend? This gift guide was completely inspired by that! Whether your lucky lady rather heat up their coffee over a fire, or tribute teh mountains with a dainty necklace, you’re sure to find a winner.

What I especially love: The  J.Crew socks that are under $13 are some of the warmest socks I’ve ever felt. Perfect under duck boots for a quick hike before hot chocolate!

For the Traveler



How often can you gift your travel bug a carry on suit case for $35?! Make sure before they get on their next flight that they have everything in wrapped under the tree.

What I especially love:  The burgundy Forever 21 scarf is $20 and super long! It’s perfect for when you need something to double as a pillow for those long flights. The comfier the better, and bonus points when you look stylish as well!

For the Studious



For the office goer, the student, or the organization lover in your life, this is for them. I think this is my favorite holiday gift set. Everything is so delicate yet somehow is motivating me to want to get down to business (is that possible? 🙂 )

What I especially love: This was almost too hard to choose, but I love the loafers  from Old Navy that are $20. If anyone reading this is still looking to give me a gift this is what I want for Christmas!

Hopefully you got some great gift ideas and can order them soon! Let me know which item was your favorite and be sure to check back tomorrow for Blogmas Day 3!

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