December Chit-Chat

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I hope everyone is cuddling up to the fireplace or wrapped in some cozy blankets as the temperature continues to drop! I have had a lot of new events come up in my life and I wanted to share with all you lovely people who come to BarryChic.Blog. I got this idea from Cristina who I’ve been reading for years.

So, today I’m sharing 7 things about me and about what is pertinent to December.12 Days of Blogmas. I asked on my INSTAGRAM STORIES if this is something you’d be interested in, and the majority of you all said heck yeah! So, starting on Thursday, I’ll be blogging every day leading up to Christmas! I’m super excited to fully envelop myself in all the holiday spirit once finals are over.

I’m doing my first giveaway! If you haven’t heard, check out my last post to read about my collaboration with Phonetic Eyewear. It’s not too late to enter! The winner will be picked on December 11th at 8:00 PM Central time so be sure to throw your name in.

I bought my own Christmas tree. Okay this is way bigger news to me than I think it is to anyone else… but I can’t stop gushing over this tree! I bought the ornaments, lights, and the tree itself for $40. It was a great investment that I know I’ll have for years. The tree is in the corner of my bedroom which instantly makes it the best room in the apartment. I love waking up before the sun comes up and turning on the tree. Sitting in bed with hot coffee starting at the lights just gives me all the warm feelings! I’m also going back home for winter break next week, and you better believe I am packing up this tree and it’s going home with me!

I got a job. Yup, graduation in May just became a lot more real. In November I accepted a job with an amazing company and will be moving! I started the job search in September and after some crazy weekends of flying out for interviews, I finally accepted a great fit for me! It’s a huge relief to go into my second semester knowing all I have to focus on is school because my post-grad life is already falling into place. Also if you’re looking for some tips when it comes to the job searching process, take a look at this post I did a few weeks back.

I’m moving. Another super exciting announcement is that after graduation I’ll be moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for my job. I am thrilled that I’m still relatively close to Chicago, but far enough way that I truly get to “move out” after I graduate. I’ve already begun pinning so many apartment decoration ideas!

Graduation in May. To continue this theme, I will be graduating in about four months. As excited as I am for finals to be over, that means that I officially have one more semester left until I graduate. Even if I choose to one day go to grad school, it will never be like undergrad: running around in the dorms, basketball games in the student section, spontaneous get-together’s with friends. I’ve been feeling sentimental all the time, so if you have any “second semester senior” bucket list ideas let me know in the comments below!

My currents: 

Currently watching on Netflix: Stranger Things (for a second time), Parenthood, and any Christmas movie that I see

Currently Reading: I’m almost finished with Before We Were Yours and now I’m looking for a book to listen to for my six hour drive back home. Suggestions appreciated!

Journaling:  I don’t know if this really counts as a “happening” but nonetheless this is a new habit I am trying! I stocked up on a weekly reflection journal and a daily journal. These are more structured instead of me sitting in front of a blank page which is usually intimidating. So far so good and I’ve been keeping up with it. I like that these journals tell me what to write about because then I have an “answer” if that makes sense. I’ll let you all know at the end of the month how it goes!

I realize that some of these announcements are more important than others (a new job versus Christmas tree? 🙂 ). But, in the end it’s all events that are happening in my life that I wanted to share with you all!

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