What I Read in November

I always love doing my Monthly Favorites blog posts… and don’t worry that will still be uploaded soon. But, this month I just had so many wonderful books that half my favorite’s blog post would be about books! So today I wanted to go over the books I read in November (thanks to Thanksgiving Break for actually allowing me time to read). And hopefully you all can find a book to cozy up to this December. Everything is linked for your convenience. 


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Orbiting Jupiter

I read this book for my book club at school (which, I could talk about forever. You know those times where you just feel rejuvenated after? That’s how I feel after book club. But I digress). Orbiting Jupiter is about a middle school boy who has a 14 year old foster brother who, get this, has a child. I was so excited to read this boy about a reality for some that I never thought about. But, I quickly found that this book’s target audience is more for middle school, early high school. There’s little character development and there’s a lot of “telling” rather than “showing.” But, this makes for an extra quick read if you’re looking for a book that will leaving you feeling something without making you give up your entire afternoon.


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The Magnolia Story

Talk about a quick read, three hours — tops! If you’re looking for a sweet love story and some more insight to the famous Fixer Upper couple, then definitely pick up this book. I actually listened to this on Audible and the book was read to me by Chip and Jo! That made it all the better, and for that reason I would say that the audio book is better than the hard copy ( I know, I know).



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Hatching Twitter

So I actually had to read this book for a social media marketing class (shoutout to professor Howell!), but I found myself quiet invested in this book. Nick Bilton wrote this book as a novel so even though it’s all about the history of twitter, it reads like a story. This is because Nick spent countless hours interviewing, researching, and reading diaries to get exact feelings and quotes.

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The Poet

Noting that there is an introduction by Stephen King in this book, there’s no surprise that the first word that comes to mind is Cre-epy. A brother throws himself into the middle of the investigation of his brother’s suicide. He just doesn’t believe that his brother, who loved his job as a cop, his wife and his unborn child, could kill himself. Follow the journey through this thrilling novel that involves determination, killers, and of course a love interest.

Image result for lies she told

Lies She Told

This is another book that I was sent by Book of the Month and this could easily be one of my favorite books. I’m obsessed! My best way to describe this book is that if you ever took a psychology class, you would love this book. There’s two plots to keep track of as you get to see Liza’s life and read her latest novel she’s writing. I honestly found myself at the dinner table with my family and I would get excited because after dinner I could keep reading this book.  Four out of five stars!

You can always stay up to date on my latest reads by following me on Goodreads. I also have my Goodreads account at the bottom of my blog! Leave me a comment telling me your favorite book recommendation because as soon as the semester is over all I want to do is read. I’m actually thinking of deleting my Netflix account for the month of December… Is that crazy? That might be crazy. 

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