Comfy Alternatives for Thanksgiving



Joggers and Fun Top

Joggers have been the best invention since Birkenstock’s. These joggers with heels make it look like you’re wearing nice dress pants when in reality you’re living your comfiest life. Pair with a dressy top to pull together the entire delusion for maximum style.

Over Sized Sweater and Jeans

How cute does an chunky sweater look? Amp up your cozy class look with light jeans and booties for a thanksgiving look that keeps you warm and hides all the turkey that you’ll eat! I have been loving my bell sleeve sweater that I featured in my October favorites post. It’s cozy enough that I don’t feel like I’m putting in a lot of effort into my outfit, but at the same time it gains style points. Even though jeans aren’t always the most comfortable bottoms, if you can find your most worn in pair this outfit is a definite win.

Sweatshirt and Skirt

This outfit has the same idea as the over sized sweater and jeans, but if you’re looking for maximum style, this is the outfit for you. I love the idea of a classic black skirt paired with a comfy sweatshirt. This sweatshirt from J.Crew (Major sale under $25 BTW!) is made of the comfiest sweatshirt material but look at it! It’s the absolute cutest…even better than most of my t-shirts! When you don’t have to compromise style for comfort, it’s an outfit that makes the cut.


Let me know if you’re going comfy for Thanksgiving or if you’ll be dressing up!

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