Four Things I Cut from my Budget that I Don’t Miss

If you haven’t heard already I chose to use the past summer to travel and to live my life to the fullest. My bank account was not liking this idea. I had to stretch my dollar a bit farther in summer and while some items have been hard and almost impossible to give up, there are some things that were a lot easier to say goodbye to than I originally thought.  

Even though I’m back to school and work, the holiday season is fast approaching. So today I wanted to share what I cut from my budget that I actually found easier to give up on than I thought.

Spotify Premium

So I convinced myself to keep paying for Spotify Premium after I decided to train to run a 10K last fall.  It was extremely helpful when it came to the five and six mile runs that I didn’t have commercials playing when what I really needed was some “Who Run the World” blasting. After the race, I kept paying for the premium membership. As a college student the price is $4.99. Now, that doesn’t seem like much but I became aware that I only used Spotify when I was running outside. If I was running inside I would listen to a podcast, and it was only going to get colder seeing that winter was right around the corner, I decided to make a deal with myself that I would unsubscribe only for the winter months, then when it was warm enough to run outside again I would start paying. It’s now November and I’ve saved over 60 dollars! I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger to start paying again, and personally, I don’t miss it.


Getting Coffee

My order as of late is a skinny vanilla latte (hint hint for anyone wanting to make my day!) and that is not a super expensive drink, but it’s not cheap either. I’ve always enjoyed the act of going to a coffee shop and ordering my drink. But this adds up, especially when I’m sitting in there just to study or to write. Instead, I’ve been bringing my own coffee and been taking it on campus or sitting outside after brewing my own. Even if you only cut out your daily Starbucks for a week, it could save you!


High-End Makeup

When I look in my makeup bag I’ll be honest when I say that there’s only two or three items that come from Sephora or MAC. If you aren’t already acquainted, let me welcome you to the world of drugstore makeup! Some seriously amazing foundation can be as little at ten bucks. I’m not kidding when I say I swear by this stuff. There are eye shadow pallets with the same pigmentation as something you’d find on a Naked pallet. You might even find that wearing less make up in general will save you those frequent trips to the store. 


Drinks with Dinner

I just turned 21 so let me tell you that this is HARD. It’s such a novelty for me to order a drink. Period. With dinner, at lunch, mimosas at breakfast! Being able to order this pretty Snapchat-able drink and have someone serve it to me legally is a rush. But this rush is costing my approximately 7-9 dollars a drink. That in addition to food easily doubles my meal cost. Okay… so this one might be something that I cut out of my budget that I actually miss… and tend to slip up on. But, I’m sure  if once the novelty of being 21 wears off it’ll be easier.


Let me know what things you’ve cut from your budget that you don’t miss!

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