Switching to Natural Cleansers

I live in a bit of an oxymoron. On the one side, I want to have flawless health that will cause me to have white teeth, clear skin, shiny hair, etc. etc. And on the other side…I want to spend zero money investing whatsoever! See my problem?

Recently I went over to my good friend Casey’s house and she introduced me to the world of Beauty Counter that she’s recently been working in. Beauty Counter in a nutshell is a company that provides safer products for people while informing them about the lack of beauty standards across the beauty industry. After an hour of listening to how necessary it’s believed to treat yourself with kind ingredients, I went home with some free samples to test out the theory for myself. Here’s a blog post dedicated to my experience in case you are thinking about making the switch.

My Initial Thoughts

Okay so I’ll be the first to admit that when I get any sign of the slightest pimple I lather the heck out of it with my topical treatment that has tons of active ingredients. I will say that if I eat crappy food I feel like crap, just like when I eat clean I feel clean. So I was intrigued by this and I wanted to give it a try with open arms.

The Scary Facts

There were some pretty crazy facts about the beauty industry that I wasn’t aware of. When it comes to making a stand on policy issues or government standards, I’m not one to make a strong push one way or another. I am, however, a huge advocate for being informed about the facts. And here are a couple facts that stood out to me.

  • The European union has banned or partially restricted over 1,400 ingredients from personal care products. Canada has banned less than 600. The United States has banned 30.
  • There are over 80,000 chemicals that are registered for use in consumer products and most of these do not have any health or safety data.

Again, I’m not saying that we should all throw away all our beauty products and research everything before we buy it. But I am saying that we should be open to new ideas and to be more mindful consumers. Anyways, let’s get into the products!

Cream Wash and Exfoliate Wash

I really am attached to my cleaners that tingle my face and leaves the feeling that my face was truly washed and scrubbed. The nourishing cream cleanser was perfect for the nights were I had no desire to wash my face and was just looking for a smooth wash. Not the way to go if you want to feel that “tingly clean” feeling. It is extremely hydrating which worked well with my combination skin and worked to help even out my skin tone where I tend to have red areas.

The exfoliate cleanser is more of a scrub and I reached for that on mornings were I needed a bit of extra pep. What’s additionally great about this is the fact that the micro beads that do the exfoliating aren’t made of plastic — they’re made of jojoba beats. So they’re not harmful to the environment!

Creams & Moisturizers

My favorite items out of all of this might be the night cream and the eye cream. At 21 I’m not too concerned about the skin under my eyes but I’ve been told that taking care of it now can help future me. I love the thicker texture of the eye cream and how it easily dissolves into my skin so I can wear it during the night and day.

The night cream is the first moisturizer that I found where I can say that a little goes a long way. This teeny little bottle was still working for me after a week! There’s no feeling of need to have to lather on this baby. It’s rich in aloe vera and packed with nutrients like coconut oil and antioxidant green tea extract. I did end up sticking with my old Aveeno day moisturizer because of the sunscreen component it had, so I can’t say too much about the day cream. But, if you’re not looking for extra sun protection, or get it though another product then that’s totally up to you!

Charcoal Bar

Image courtesy of BeautyCounter

This item reminded me a lot of the Lush store with all their charcoal bars and masks. With charcoal, it pulls out the toxins to the surface of your skin and removes them naturally. I did have some break outs the first week of using this, although I believe it was due to the charcoal literally bringing my acne to the surface to help remove toxins.

After that week passed, my body got accustomed to the new face wash and I have been loving it. This large bar looks as though I haven’t even used it…I’m sure it will take me years to finish. But what I found cool was how I felt squeaky clean and it was as if I could feel the Charcoal Cleansing Bar detoxifying and absorbing  the impurities in my skin.

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I really hope you all enjoyed this blog post. It’s always fun to try new skin care items and bonus if they’re guilt free too! Let me know if you use any natural skin care products, I’d love to try some more.

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