October Favorites

I feel like every month when I do these kinds of posts I’m blow away by the fact that another month has gone by. This year, I’m extra amazed at the speed of time because in a short seven months I’ll be graduating. So the closing of each month is just another reminder that things are about to change.

Lately the weather has been telling everyone that winter is here. With snow flurries and freezing temperatures, I feel like I didn’t get enough fall time in! But nonetheless, here all all my October favorites for some last minute fall essentials!Bell Sleeved Shirts

I’m so thankful that these have made a comeback. I recently bought this one from Kohl’s and I have worn it twice in the past week. The material is extremely soft, yet has shown zero signs of pilling. I love how high the bell sleeve look goes without being too overwhelming. I found that I like paring this with jeans so I can tuck it in to give me some more shape, but if you’re looking to be extra cozy pair with leggings!

Fall Candles

I wish you could all smell these amazing candles through your screen, but you might just have to take my word for it…these babies are amazing! Below I linked what is currently burning in my apartment. I don’t think I’ll finish them all before the winter season comes around. I might need to save them for next year!

Little Fires Everywhere


I recently have been flying and in my opinion, the best way to past time in the sky is to read. I read this book so fast I ended up finishing it before my return flight. That lead me to rationalizing on why I need to by a book at the airport (ended up against it) instead of doing my homework.

I got this book through Book of the Month where you get to pick out a book based on what their critics deem as an awesome read. Every book I’ve gotten from them is awesome so I highly recommend! I talk more about my experience with them in this blog post I did a while back.

Little Fires Everywhere is a book about families, secrets, and the connection you can gain with those who act like family. There was no “slow” part in this book and I found myself wanting to read this book instead of watching the Netflix shows I downloaded. I highly recommend you grab this book.

Eliminating Notifications

Something that I’ve been playing with is the idea of turning off all notifications. I know as someone who blogs and their hobby revolves around social media this may seem like taboo. But, I can assure you that this is really something that has helped me stay sane. This means all social media is silenced and I only go on the platforms when I want to, not when I see a notification and feel compelled to look at it. I also took this a step further and did this for my GroupMe messages, emails, and news updates. I highly recommend that you try this, even if it’s for a couple days!

Press-on Nails

These are some designs that would be a compete fail if I were to try and paint this myself. I have been loving press on nails and I found these from target for under six dollars! They were a lifesaver when I had an interview and I was too tired to paint my nails. French tips for days! I also snagged these fun ones that I have caught myself staring at in class. If you are looking for a perfect mani, but don’t want to spend the cash, this is the way to go.


Let me know what you’ve been loving this past month! Are you sad Halloween is over or are you ready to jump into all things Thanksgiving?

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