My First Paycheck Must Buys

Back to school for me also meant back to work. And back to work means a paycheck again (woo hoo!). If I had to give advice for college freshman I would say get a job once you’ve been a school for a couple months. I’ve had a few different jobs through my years at school and I have loved the structure it gave me. It also gave me a steady paycheck so I never felt guilty for buying a pizza on a Friday night or grabbing that cute mug I spied at the TJ Maxx checkout line.

My paycheck is coming on Friday and I have been making of list of items I’ve been dying to buy. Here is my shopping list of fun items that I’ll be purchasing as soon as that direct deposit comes in! Continue reading “My First Paycheck Must Buys”

Pass it On

I absolutely love my little corner of the Internet. This blog has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing brands, connect with truly kind people, and the ability to write about whatever my heartstrings pull for.

This little self reflection could not have come at a better time. So, in the spirit of being grateful and observing kindness I wanted to take a different route on the blog today. I want to tell you all about an experience that happened to me this week that made me reevaluate the way I go about my days in this world. If you want to know more, then just keep reading! Continue reading “Pass it On”

Four Things I Cut from my Budget that I Don’t Miss

If you haven’t heard already I chose to use the past summer to travel and to live my life to the fullest. My bank account was not liking this idea. I had to stretch my dollar a bit farther in summer and while some items have been hard and almost impossible to give up, there are some things that were a lot easier to say goodbye to than I originally thought.  

Even though I’m back to school and work, the holiday season is fast approaching. So today I wanted to share what I cut from my budget that I actually found easier to give up on than I thought.

Spotify Premium

So I convinced myself to keep paying for Spotify Premium after I decided to train to run a 10K last fall.  It was extremely helpful when it came to the five and six mile runs that I didn’t have commercials playing when what I really needed was some “Who Run the World” blasting. After the race, I kept paying for the premium membership. As a college student the price is $4.99. Now, that doesn’t seem like much but I became aware that I only used Spotify when I was running outside. If I was running inside I would listen to a podcast, and it was only going to get colder seeing that winter was right around the corner, I decided to make a deal with myself that I would unsubscribe only for the winter months, then when it was warm enough to run outside again I would start paying. It’s now November and I’ve saved over 60 dollars! I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger to start paying again, and personally, I don’t miss it.


Getting Coffee

My order as of late is a skinny vanilla latte (hint hint for anyone wanting to make my day!) and that is not a super expensive drink, but it’s not cheap either. I’ve always enjoyed the act of going to a coffee shop and ordering my drink. But this adds up, especially when I’m sitting in there just to study or to write. Instead, I’ve been bringing my own coffee and been taking it on campus or sitting outside after brewing my own. Even if you only cut out your daily Starbucks for a week, it could save you!


High-End Makeup

When I look in my makeup bag I’ll be honest when I say that there’s only two or three items that come from Sephora or MAC. If you aren’t already acquainted, let me welcome you to the world of drugstore makeup! Some seriously amazing foundation can be as little at ten bucks. I’m not kidding when I say I swear by this stuff. There are eye shadow pallets with the same pigmentation as something you’d find on a Naked pallet. You might even find that wearing less make up in general will save you those frequent trips to the store. 


Drinks with Dinner

I just turned 21 so let me tell you that this is HARD. It’s such a novelty for me to order a drink. Period. With dinner, at lunch, mimosas at breakfast! Being able to order this pretty Snapchat-able drink and have someone serve it to me legally is a rush. But this rush is costing my approximately 7-9 dollars a drink. That in addition to food easily doubles my meal cost. Okay… so this one might be something that I cut out of my budget that I actually miss… and tend to slip up on. But, I’m sure  if once the novelty of being 21 wears off it’ll be easier.


Let me know what things you’ve cut from your budget that you don’t miss!

What You Need Before Your Next Big Study Session

Has anyone found that sometimes it seems as though people spend more time letting others know that they have to study rather than actually studying? I admit I’ve been that person once or twice.

The task of studying for a midterm can just seem so daunting and overwhelming that it makes more sense to Snapchat the papers strewn about rather that actually go through them. Today I’m going to walk you through my favorite ways to help make it a bit easier to buckle down and get some work done.  Continue reading “What You Need Before Your Next Big Study Session”

Switching to Natural Cleansers

I live in a bit of an oxymoron. On the one side, I want to have flawless health that will cause me to have white teeth, clear skin, shiny hair, etc. etc. And on the other side…I want to spend zero money investing whatsoever! See my problem?

Recently I went over to my good friend Casey’s house and she introduced me to the world of Beauty Counter that she’s recently been working in. Beauty Counter in a nutshell is a company that provides safer products for people while informing them about the lack of beauty standards across the beauty industry. After an hour of listening to how necessary it’s believed to treat yourself with kind ingredients, I went home with some free samples to test out the theory for myself. Here’s a blog post dedicated to my experience in case you are thinking about making the switch. Continue reading “Switching to Natural Cleansers”

Outfit of the Week Featuring the Herringbone Vest

Last week I pulled out one of my favorite fall outfits for a final excursion out to the Des Monies farmers market. This herringbone vest was first featured in one of my daily outfits for my Fall 10×10 Challenge. It turned out that my entire outfit is from J Crew… I didn’t even do that on purpose! Except for the shoes, and those are under thirty dollars! Continue reading “Outfit of the Week Featuring the Herringbone Vest”

The Coffee Cake you Need to Make for Thanksgiving

What’s better paired with a hot cup of coffee than a sweet piece of cinnamon cake?

I debated for a long time whether I should make this post because I love this cake so much I wanted to keep it all to myself! But, in the spirit of giving, I wanted to share with you all my signature cake recipe that was handed down to me by my mom.

This is a moist, sweet cake layered with a cinnamon crumble. If you’re looking for a dessert that you can pass off as breakfast, just keep reading! Continue reading “The Coffee Cake you Need to Make for Thanksgiving”

October Favorites

I feel like every month when I do these kinds of posts I’m blow away by the fact that another month has gone by. This year, I’m extra amazed at the speed of time because in a short seven months I’ll be graduating. So the closing of each month is just another reminder that things are about to change.

Lately the weather has been telling everyone that winter is here. With snow flurries and freezing temperatures, I feel like I didn’t get enough fall time in! But nonetheless, here all all my October favorites for some last minute fall essentials! Continue reading “October Favorites”