Hosting a Murder Mystery Party

Happy Halloween Eve! I hope you all get to celebrate Halloween tomorrow and enjoy the day. I’ll be watching Halloween movies, carving a pumpkin, and studying for an exam. Being in college, I have found Halloween more as an excuse to eat candy than to dress up, And because it falls during the week, I really don’t get to celebrate with friends because this grandma loves to be in bed before 11.

This year though, I decided that just because we’re older doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t dress up and play pretend. I decided to connect with the company My Mystery Party and they sent me a free game so that I could tell you all about it. In case you ever want to host your own murder mystery party, here’s everything you need to know!

Before the Big Day

Make sure you purchase your murder mystery game about a month or more in advance because you’ll want to make sure your guests know to save the date! You can choose any theme for the party you want. There’s a masquerade party, mad hatter, fairy tails, zombies, and the one I did which was a 20’s theme. There’s dozens of themes and you’re bound to find one you’d like.

What’s great is that the game is automatically downloadable onto your computer, so all you have to do is print out and organize the clues. I never had to wait for shipping so I went ahead and did this early! The game also comes with extremely detailed instructions so I knew exactly how to assign characters, what to do if someone didn’t show, and every other question I had!


murder mystery-DSC_1537

Since we’re all students, the way the food worked for us was to have everyone bring a dish to much on. People brought cheese platters, chocolate covered strawberries, deviled eggs and much more. We also ordered pizza for the main dinner… needless to say we were far from hungry. You can choose to have a dinner or not, but if you are going to host a mystery party be sure to have lots of snacks!

The Photo Booth

Adam has white face paint on because he died and is the victim!

Since it was mandatory for all of my guests to get dressed up, I had to add a photo booth wall so that everyone could take pictures! I grabbed this backdrop at my local target for under three dollars and put it up in my bedroom. It was a great place to designate to photos!

Playing the Game

We spent three hours pretending we were in a speakeasy during the 1920’s. Each hour we were given another clue with directions on what to say and who to say it to. We were running around demanding people admit affairs, hide our rivalries, and try and find out who was about to be murdered.

Hour One: We spent the first hour eating appetizers, taking pictures, and sipping on drinks. There were lots of fawning over people’s outfits and explaining on where everyone found their costume (mine was an old prom dress!).

Hour Two: The second hour we we handed another clue and had to work through it while also giving other people hints about our character’s lives.

Hour Three: The game is amazing in the sense that they tell you when to eat dinner and when to hand out the clues. It was a bit hard to not try and rush, and looking back I’m sure that we could have taken more time but we were hungry!

Hour Four: After dinner, one of our friends walked out with white face paint all over him and a sign stating that he was the victim! We ran around for the next half hour interrogating each other  trying to find out who was behind the murder at the Grand Gatsby.

I wanted to give a huge thank you to My Murder Mystery  for sending me this amazing game to play with my friends. Also thank you to my friend Hannah who took all these pictures. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her! And lastly thank you to all my friends and guests that could attend. Thank you for committing to your roles and making it a night to remember forever, I’m so thankful for you all!


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