Detoxing from the Chaos

A couple weekends ago some friends and I packed up our bags and headed out into the woods. Holy. Crap. People! If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you know I am all about fashion, pampering items, and you know, a bed. But I was inspired by my friends’ stories of sleeping in forests and hiking mountains, and a felt an urge of adventure.

Now I wasn’t about to pack up the car and drive to Colorado for the weekend. But, we rented out some camping ground and spent the weekend at a state park about a half hour from campus. This was perfect for me because I was super concerned about a good night sleep and bears (I know I’m in Iowa, but still!). By doing this, I took the time to step back from hectic everyday life.

My goal for you all is to become inspired by my leap out of my comfort zone and to find your own time to detach from the world.

What I Learned

Life can be simple if you want. I admit that I’m someone who will put more stress on themselves even if they don’t have to. But being in the woods I really saw that I only had a few things to worry about (food, warmth, finishing my book, etc.). My to-do list was small and my mind was clear… and that way of life can be pretty great.

Speaking of a clear mind, fresh air can do wonders. I always stood behind this fact because when I’m stressed I love to go for a run to release some endorphin. But being out in the forest all weekend gave me some substantial fresh air which was as if I ran all weekend! Just being able to take a quiet, deep breath was beneficial. If you can’t get away, just stepping outside and taking a couple deep breaths will help.

You can be alone with people. After the first couple hours of catching up with friends, we slowly ran out of conversations. We became enveloped in our own tasks and completely comfortable in the silence. It was so cool. Find yourself some people that you can all sit in silence together, without your phones.

Why You Should Detach

Make the time to get away. Sure, there’s football games, and farmers markets, and parties going on this weekend. But why can’t you get one full day to dedicate to detoxing from social media, avoiding meaningless text messages, or leaving drama behind?

I was able to fully devote my time to whatever. My friends, where I was 100% listening to their thoughts and ideas. I wasn’t half listening will simultaneously checking my phone. I was truly able to be present. It’s an experience, especially in this time in the world where the world is so connected, to be able to walk away.

Hiking was about hiking,
sleeping was dedicated to sleeping,
and roasting marshmallows was just for roasting marshmallows.

We did what we wanted because we wanted to, not because our social media would benefit or because it was the place to be that night.

Especially as the nights get cooler and exams are on the horizon, be sure to take some time for yourself and to reflect.

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