My Fall Morning Routine

I asked you all on Instagram what kind of posts you all like reading, and after so many fashion posts thanks to the Fall 10×10, it seems like you’re ready for some lifestyle posts!

And I totally agree! Lifestyle posts are some of my favorites to read. I think it’s because I’m an openly nosy person, I love to read what people are up to. So today I am going to go through my typical morning routine. This doesn’t happen everyday, usually by Friday I’m sleeping in and not leaving the house until noon. But on average, this is what my mornings look like.5:50 AM – wake up. 

I know, it’s grossly early. But! I found that if I use my app called Alarmy, I have to get up. The app makes me get up to scan a barcode of my face wash that I keep in my bathroom. So to turn off the alarm I’m already at the sink to wash my face! During this time I’ll brush my teeth, wash my face, and throw on some workout clothes.

6:30 AM – Spin class

I found my new favorite workout over the summer and I was thrilled to see that my school offered classes to students. The only spin classes that fit in my schedule are at 6:30 in the morning… needless to say the classes aren’t very full. But I love having my workout completed first thing in the morning. After this class, I can rest easy knowing my time to sweat is finished.

7:30 AM – Shower

I sweat a lot in spin class… I even have to bring my own towel (TMI?). Anyways, I always jump in the shower as soon as I get back to feel fresh and cool down. I’ll change out of my sweaty clothes into my favorite joggers and T-shirt after I get out; I’m just not ready to put on real clothes quiet yet! I also have my Do Not Disturb feature on my phone scheduled from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM so sometimes I’ll scroll through my messages before hopping in.

7:40 – Breakfast and Blogging

I used to be a coffee in bed kind of girl, but after I got my new quilt there’s absolutely no sitting on the bed with food or drinks! I’ll usually make an omelette because I’m starving after my spin class. I usually sit down at the kitchen table and scroll through other blogs or work on my own while I chow down. That may or may not be what I’m doing right now!

8:15 Get ready

After some quiet time to eat and scroll on the computer, I’ll usually change into real people clothes and get ready. Recently, I’ve been trying to cut back on my makeup to shorten up my time in the bathroom. Still working on that natural look!

9:00 Make lunch or tidy up

Sometimes I’m really on top of my game and I’ll make lunch the night before or have leftovers from dinner in the fridge. Other mornings, I’ll have to make lunch in the morning. Around nine is when I make my lunch or, if it’s already made, I will go around the apartment and tidy up. There’s always a dish or two to put away or clothes that need to be thrown in the laundry.

9:30 Leave

I have work at ten so by 9:30 I’m out the door with my backpack, coffee, and lunch in tow!

Again this is my usual morning routine, some days spin class isn’t offered and you better believe on those day’s I’m in bed on my computer until 8:00! Thanks for reading and see you all soon!

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