Fall 10×10 Outfit 7

It was another rainy day but the Fall 10×10 is still in full swing. It’s outfit seven! 

First Impressions

Does anyone remember this shirt in the original list of 10×10 items? No? Well that’s because it’s the striped dress! That’s right! I tucked in this dress to my leggings to create this classic look.

I usually wouldn’t opt for that much fabric, but with limited pieces of clothing for the challenge, I chose to take a creative look on my items. This dress is just as cute as a shirt as it is a dress. And I paired it with my rain boots and jean jacket to keep me warm!

Styling Tips

Make your dress a shirt! I have made my dress look like a skirt, like when I talked about my maxi dress transitioning to fall. And now I can say that I have made my dress work as a top as well. Don’t be afraid to look at your clothes differently.

Never throw out your jean jacket. Everyone talks about cleansing your closet and throwing away things that you don’t need. I’m part of that too — once this challenge is over I’ll be donating some clothing as well. But never throw out your jean jacket. This was actually my mom’s old jean jacket that she gave to me. This is an item that will never be completely out of style!

What I Wore

My favorite dress ever can be found here from Old Navy.

Here is this year’s jean jacket from J Crew (mine is from a past season.)

And of course, the leggings that I have been living in lately from Nordstrom BP.

The homestretch is in sight! See you all tomorrow!

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