Fall 10×10 Outfit 6

Here’s the lowdown of what I’m doing this week in case you’re curious. But long story short, it’s ten items of clothes for ten days: let’s get right into it!

First Impressions

This vest definitely kept me warm, but the skirt did not! The weather took a drastic turn and the day was filled with a crisp Autumn air that did not quit. So although I look cute, I was super thankful once I got inside for work!

I really enjoyed the brightness that this vest added to my outfit. Now that we’re on day six, I am getting a sick of all the dark, plain clothes that are in my closet. What I really want to wear are light jeans, white t-shirts, and colored cardigans. Ughh… only four more days! And with outfits like this, I feel better not being swallowed in 50 shades of black.

What I Wore

This Circle/Skater skirt can be found at H&M for under 20 dollars. I have found this to be a great staple so I highly recommend you grab one for all seasons. You can find similar ones like this one at 6PM. Or if you’re really looking for a steal, peak at this one from Forever21 that’s under 8 dollars!

The burgundy sweater can be found here (size up to get the slouchy effect that I have).

Styling Tips

Basic outfit with a statement. Add just a bit of “wow” to an ordinary outfit by pulling out those trendier pieces. The outfit is pretty simple: burgundy sweater and a black skirt, but when the furry vest is added, bam, completely new look!

And there you have it! Come back tomorrow to see outfit seven!

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