Fall 10×10 Outfit 5

I’m back fresh this Monday morning! It’s a new week and I’m ready to get back into the 10×10. Today I’m going to go through my outfit for Friday, along with my first impressions and styling tips. If you want to read all about what I’m doing, you can do so here.


First impressions

So it was Friday, and I don’t have any classes on Fridays. That made this outfit a completely viable option. I also wore the shirt on day one with a skirt, so pairing with leggings made it extra comfortable.

Although it isn’t the most glamorous outfit, I found it suited what my day had in store.  I even went all out on the simple scale and decided to not even wear make up. The combination of a makeup free face, and running around in casual clothes made for a very enjoyable Friday


Styling tips

Embrace the casual days. I don’t really have too much to say about this outfit.. it’s literally leggings and a t-shirt! I even considered not even posting day five just because it was so basic. But, I wanted to keep the challenge going even if that meant posting a super simple outfit. My advice is embrace it! Not every day requires heels and skirts and scarves. If the day doesn’t call for it, or you’re not feeling it no worries!

What I Wore

You can head to my day one post to see some more similar shirts like this one, including this one from Etsy.

And of course, these are the leggings that I have been loving lately from Nordstom BP. Under $30!

See you all tomorrow, and thanks for stopping by!

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