Fall 10×10 Day 4

fIt was another full day of layering. That’s what makes the Fall 10×10 so wonderful! I can create totally new outfit just by adding a scarf or a necklace!

If you don’t know the drill, this is day four of the Fall 10×10 challenge. 10 pieces, 10 days. Let’s get right to it.

What a difference this scarf makes!

First impressions

Calling all preppy lovers! I love that I paired these two J Crew classics with my always comfortable Nordstrom leggings. This vest goes with everything: sweatshirts, chambray shirts, flannels, you name it. I got this years ago, yet every autumn I find myself in love with it all over again. This warm, herringbone vest easily made its way into my staples.

So I don’t exactly know if adding this vest counts towards the 10×10…but… it’s my 10×10 so I decided it works! Although I’m fully aware that this may be cheating. 🙂

Styling Tips

You can never have enough scarves. Blanket scarves, thin scarves, ascots, knit scarves, etc, etc. They can make a blah outfit super stylish and extra cozy. Need I say more?

Find a cozy chambray. This is something that I can pair with my leggings and not feel as though I’m business on the top and lazy on the bottom. Find yours and take good care of it (because we’ve all had our favorite clothing get eaten by the wash).

What I Wore

Leggings are from Nordstroms and super reasonably priced.

I will never stop talking about this Chambray shirt from J Crew. Invest in a great one and you’ll have it for years. You can find scarves for great deals anywhere including Amazon, H&M or this Scarf form Macys. And of course here’s my lovable J Crew Herringbone Vest.

Thanks for a great week everyone. See you all on Monday!

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