Fall 10×10 Outfit 3

Fall 10×10 is well underway (check out what’s going on here).  Everyone who wished for cooler weather, I thank you because it was cool enough on Wednesday to layer up! I even got to wear my new boy cardigan… its so chunky!

Literally the coziest item in my closet! And I got it from the Men’s section of Forever21

First Impressions

This sweater is the best! I have been looking around for ages for something that’s thick and warm, yet doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg. When I found this in the guy’s section I was thrilled! I want to go back and see if the have any more colors because for $27 I could get two.

Because the sweater is such a dark color, I paired it with my jeans to add some texture as opposed to leggings. And I put it on top of a light sweater top. To add even more light, I slipped on my tan booties from Nordstrom BP that I’ve had for years. They even have a little heel so I can make lots of noise down the hallways on campus!

And to top it all off I even threw on a necklace! I’m so proud of myself for actually putting in the extra 30 seconds to accessorize.

Styling Tips

Don’t be afraid to shop in the men’s section! Graphic T’s, cardigans, socks, you name it! Many times the guys side of the store has options that are not only similar, but often cheaper! I can’t begin to account for all the times I have seen guy’s graphic t-shirts and wished it looked good on me. But, with a little styling and tucking in, it works! Expand your boundaries.

Don’t drown in darkness. So I know that sounded like a deep quote you’d find on Pinterest, but it’s 100% true when it comes to clothes. I wanted  to wear this sweater with black leggings, but it was just too much black! I didn’t even think that was possible! But it totally is. Be sure you know just how much absence of color you’re putting on, and maybe opt for a brighter alternative.

What I Wore

Here’s the cardigan from Forever 21 that I just can’t stop raving about. I even threw it on once I put on my pajamas and have been wearing it around the apartment!

I also wore this cardigan from Banana Republic with my favorite American Eagle Jeans (Psst: which are currently on sale for under $38). My booties can be found at Nordstom for $89 but they currently aren’t selling them in my color. Here are ones that I found that are the same color as mine at Macys. And to top it off, here is my layered necklace from Forever21.

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